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Best Buy DROID X Shipments Arriving

As you can see from the shot above, Best Buy stores are starting to receive their shipments of the Droid X. (Yay!)  If you remember back during their 2 pre-sale periods, one of which ended abruptly, there was concern that they may not have enough to cover demand.  Well we have heard from 2 sources today that stores should have enough to cover the devices pre-ordered before July 4th which was the initial pre-sale period.

On a related note, we’ve received emails from 2 readers who called their local Best Buy and were told that they would not be able to pick up their Droid X tomorrow because the stores had not yet received shipments.  Our BB insiders definitely have shipments at their stores, so I would suggest giving your local BB a quick call before making the drive over.

  • I want to call and confirm, but I figure if it was a mistake then I can at least gripe that they had me drive all the way out there based on bad information and hope they let me have it. 

  • baby products

    Droid X buyers rejoic ! DROID X shipments have begun arriving at some Best Buys ….Looks like BestBuy got a shipment in, shamus, Droid Incredible General … Covering all Verizon Droid Phones: Motorola Droid, Droid X, Droid …

  • It sounds like it was quite busy because they didn’t have any slots left to pick it up in the morning.

  • It sounds like it was quite busy because they didn’t have any slots left to pick it up in the morning.

  • Does anyone have any word of when the next shipment of DROID X’s will be arriving at BB? Thanks

  • They already received their boxes of shipments for the day and the Droid X's were NOT in the shipment.Thanks

  • They already received their boxes of shipments for the day and the Droid X’s were NOT in the shipment.Thanks

  • William

    Best Buys only received one more then was pre ordered. And non company owned verizon stores didn't get any. I think there is going to be an issue with the droid x that's why they didn't ship a bunch out .

  • Jed Morales

    I went to the Best Buy in my local in Orange, CA. It wasn't on a first come, first serve basis where anyone who has pre-ordered can come at any time and get a phone once the doors open. They tallied daily to create a ticket for those who signed up in the initial pre-sale and were guaranteed a phone when the first shipment came in. It looks like I'm up for the second shipment at #3 on their list to receive a phone.

    When that second shipment will arrive, I don't know. But if this article holds up, it may even be tomorrow.

    Here's hoping.

  • jason k

    Got a call earlier today to setup an appointment, they said they open at 10 and needed 15 minutes or so to set up, so I told them I'd be there at 10:30. : ) Ordered way back in the first round of preorders on the first day. The
    guy who called me said I was the first person he called to set up an appointment, not sure if that means I was #1 on their list, but either way I am just happy that I can finally get this phone! (Went through a huge fiasco trying to order an Incredible through Verizon and then Wirefly, and then having Verizon cancel my Incredible after one month of waiting)

    • jason k

      Oh, BTW this is at the BB in Orange,CA.

  • Contactdankvision

    I actually prerdered mine at BB on July5 an just got a call to come in tomorow(: Westminster, CA. btw little know that you could have reserved a droid x at Verizon 4G/Premium Retail Stores. I preordered there July 8 just in case BB didn't fall through and I was #2. Lmao

  • My BB apparently doesn't have an order, or if it does it doesn't matter. I got a call today to set up an appointment and I thought he was going to give me the available times but when he didn't I asked when they opened, he said 10, and I said ok I'll be there at ten then. Can't wait till tomorrow!

  • Puffy98

    got a phone call from BB around 3 pm, n they said mine is in and pick the time to grab it.
    they said they hav 100 pre-orders and getting enough stocks plus extras….i was #8 , im in Tustin , Orange county, southern California.

  • Didn't get a call, but I was the first to pre-order in Binghamton, NY and I actually set up an appointment the day I preordered. I'm just going at 10AM, if they don't have it refund the gift card and drive over to Verizon and pick one up there.

  • Brucevazquez

    Got confirmation that the Merrillville,IN BB will have all the pre-orders fulfilled and only an extra 7 more available for the lucky few who make it there for the X who didn't pre-order

  • Jmantucca

    I called my BB again to confirm the Droids came in even though I was called at 2:30 today and told to come in whenever I wanted tomorrow. Another girl said the store is not going to get in the shipment tomorrow at all!! I double checked with a manager and she had no idea what the Droids even were. Anyone else having this problem? haha. looks like ill be in line at Verizon.

  • zrobbyd

    Lucky #7 as well, can pick it up anytime tomorrow. Never had a smartphone, you could say I'm a little excited 🙂

  • Psk1018dc

    I live in DC and was number 7 at my local BB. Just got a call saying I could pick it up tomorrow any time- made an appt for 2:00. I am seriously upgrading from a very basic, no feature cell phone so I'm stoked about the possibilities…

  • Tommy

    We were in the first pre-order group in our town and were actually number 13 on their list. I got a call today saying they didn't get enough to meet the preorders and ours would be in the next shipment… next week… weak.

  • Ashley

    I called th Best Buy where I pre ordered earlier today and was told I may not get my Droid X tomorrrow on launch day. Just about 15 minutes ago I got a phone call asking me what time I would like to come in and pick up my phone. Going in @ 1:30pm! Im super excited! I hope you all have luck getting your as well!

  • sooner2k1

    My wife and I are pre-order #1 & #2 at a local best buy in Oklahoma City. We both got seperate calls saying ours are in stock and we can come pick them up any time today or tomorrow. My wife got the call first and told me they said today, but I didn't believe her. Then they called me and said the same thing. I want to call and confirm, but I figure if it was a mistake then I can at least gripe that they had me drive all the way out there based on bad information and hope they let me have it.

    Has anybody had any luck with BB selling early? Do you all think I will get shot down once I get there, even though they told me to come today?

  • Guestbmc1217

    BB just called me but im at work…6 cant come fast enough

  • Got the call, I was number thirteen but got bumped to number 12, and of course they only got 11 in!!!! Grrr! Hopefully someone will decide they don't want one!

  • I called and confirmed my pre-order. She initially gave me some runaround about “how I might not get one,” but I stayed cool and said I was in the first batch. Turns out I was fifth in line and booked my appointment for tomorrow. Worst case, I'll go to Verizon…

  • mlbernardo

    my BB (Danbury, CT) just called me to set up an appointment tomorrow. I was the first in line to pre-order, but unfortunately I work all day tomorrow so I won't be able to pick mine up until late….it's gonna be a long day at work.

  • Dman27

    Best Buy just called me and set up an appointment for 5pm tomorrow after work!! wahoo (I am #17 on the list)

  • edwards311

    Just talked to the local BB…they said they did not have the X as of now but were getting them 2nite. I set up my appointment for 5pm(sux to have to work for a living)…he also said that all pre-orders at that store would be filled….I wonder if they will have the 32 gee bee cards?????

  • Got my appointment @ BB! 10:30am tomorrow!

  • Dan

    Just got my Droid X and best buy in Olathe Kansas. It works!

  • Waiting for the call!!!!

  • I preordered on July 4 in the second wave. They called yesterday to setup my appointment to pick it up. So in Seattle they have enough to fulfill some of the second wave too.

  • Jpsaucier

    if the first shipment is too short for me to get one tomorrow, what can i anticipate for the next shipment? within days, or is it more likely to be weeks?

  • zrobbyd

    Called BB and was told the phones are “In Transit.” I'll be calling again tonight to see if they came in since they wouldn't tell me my spot in line (I did preorder during the first batch though). Let's hope…

  • There's a strong possibility I will be at my local Verizon store at 7am tomorrow.
    I bought the original Droid the day after it came out, after having used an Iphone 3G and never looked back.
    In all the time I have had my Droid, I have never rooted. Just never felt the need to. I get all the customization and choice I need without it.I am really looking forward to the X because of thel larger screen mostly. Since I got my Droid, I've seen the Nexus, Incredible and Evo all come out, will there be something newer right after I get my X, probably. But I don't care, I'll be happy.

  • Mudfish

    I went to the BB I pre-ordered from. as of 1 pm the had not received their shipment yet. Was told they would have them and as I was first on the list (not rubbing it in..)I would receive on. Just now received a phone call from BB and said i would get mine and requested a time to come in. They said they were only receiving 7 and were all accounted for via pre orders. they near by vzw corp store said they expected to be busy but thought they would have enough either in sotre or over night ship from the warehouse…

  • Just an FYI.. called my VZW store to get the scoop on tomorrow. They already received their boxes of shipments for the day and the Droid X's were NOT in the shipment. This means it will be at least early afternoon tomorrow before the next boxes get delivered, and they said there's still no guarantee the X's will be in that shipment.

    This is the Torrington, CT store.

  • Jmantucca

    just got a call from best buy. they arent there yet, but they are en route. He said the store is only getting 7 it looks like and since I am number two just to be there when I could tomorrow to pick up my phone. No walk ins are going to be accepted at this point. This is in Illinois

  • Buckeye71086

    Just got a call from BB and my X is in!!! Pretty happy considering I pre ordered AFTER JULY FOURTH DURING THE SECOND PRE ORDER! Any other second round pre orders get a call today???