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Best Buy DROID X Shipments Arriving

As you can see from the shot above, Best Buy stores are starting to receive their shipments of the Droid X. (Yay!)  If you remember back during their 2 pre-sale periods, one of which ended abruptly, there was concern that they may not have enough to cover demand.  Well we have heard from 2 sources today that stores should have enough to cover the devices pre-ordered before July 4th which was the initial pre-sale period.

On a related note, we’ve received emails from 2 readers who called their local Best Buy and were told that they would not be able to pick up their Droid X tomorrow because the stores had not yet received shipments.  Our BB insiders definitely have shipments at their stores, so I would suggest giving your local BB a quick call before making the drive over.

  • I want to call and confirm, but I figure if it was a mistake then I can at least gripe that they had me drive all the way out there based on bad information and hope they let me have it. 

  • baby products

    Droid X buyers rejoic ! DROID X shipments have begun arriving at some Best Buys ….Looks like BestBuy got a shipment in, shamus, Droid Incredible General … Covering all Verizon Droid Phones: Motorola Droid, Droid X, Droid …

  • It sounds like it was quite busy because they didn’t have any slots left to pick it up in the morning.

  • It sounds like it was quite busy because they didn’t have any slots left to pick it up in the morning.

  • Does anyone have any word of when the next shipment of DROID X’s will be arriving at BB? Thanks

  • They already received their boxes of shipments for the day and the Droid X's were NOT in the shipment.Thanks

  • They already received their boxes of shipments for the day and the Droid X’s were NOT in the shipment.Thanks

  • William

    Best Buys only received one more then was pre ordered. And non company owned verizon stores didn't get any. I think there is going to be an issue with the droid x that's why they didn't ship a bunch out .

  • Jed Morales

    I went to the Best Buy in my local in Orange, CA. It wasn't on a first come, first serve basis where anyone who has pre-ordered can come at any time and get a phone once the doors open. They tallied daily to create a ticket for those who signed up in the initial pre-sale and were guaranteed a phone when the first shipment came in. It looks like I'm up for the second shipment at #3 on their list to receive a phone.

    When that second shipment will arrive, I don't know. But if this article holds up, it may even be tomorrow.

    Here's hoping.

  • jason k

    Got a call earlier today to setup an appointment, they said they open at 10 and needed 15 minutes or so to set up, so I told them I'd be there at 10:30. : ) Ordered way back in the first round of preorders on the first day. The
    guy who called me said I was the first person he called to set up an appointment, not sure if that means I was #1 on their list, but either way I am just happy that I can finally get this phone! (Went through a huge fiasco trying to order an Incredible through Verizon and then Wirefly, and then having Verizon cancel my Incredible after one month of waiting)

    • jason k

      Oh, BTW this is at the BB in Orange,CA.

  • Contactdankvision

    I actually prerdered mine at BB on July5 an just got a call to come in tomorow(: Westminster, CA. btw little know that you could have reserved a droid x at Verizon 4G/Premium Retail Stores. I preordered there July 8 just in case BB didn't fall through and I was #2. Lmao

  • My BB apparently doesn't have an order, or if it does it doesn't matter. I got a call today to set up an appointment and I thought he was going to give me the available times but when he didn't I asked when they opened, he said 10, and I said ok I'll be there at ten then. Can't wait till tomorrow!

  • Puffy98

    got a phone call from BB around 3 pm, n they said mine is in and pick the time to grab it.
    they said they hav 100 pre-orders and getting enough stocks plus extras….i was #8 , im in Tustin , Orange county, southern California.

  • Didn't get a call, but I was the first to pre-order in Binghamton, NY and I actually set up an appointment the day I preordered. I'm just going at 10AM, if they don't have it refund the gift card and drive over to Verizon and pick one up there.

  • Brucevazquez

    Got confirmation that the Merrillville,IN BB will have all the pre-orders fulfilled and only an extra 7 more available for the lucky few who make it there for the X who didn't pre-order

  • Jmantucca

    I called my BB again to confirm the Droids came in even though I was called at 2:30 today and told to come in whenever I wanted tomorrow. Another girl said the store is not going to get in the shipment tomorrow at all!! I double checked with a manager and she had no idea what the Droids even were. Anyone else having this problem? haha. looks like ill be in line at Verizon.

  • zrobbyd

    Lucky #7 as well, can pick it up anytime tomorrow. Never had a smartphone, you could say I'm a little excited 🙂

  • Psk1018dc

    I live in DC and was number 7 at my local BB. Just got a call saying I could pick it up tomorrow any time- made an appt for 2:00. I am seriously upgrading from a very basic, no feature cell phone so I'm stoked about the possibilities…

  • Tommy

    We were in the first pre-order group in our town and were actually number 13 on their list. I got a call today saying they didn't get enough to meet the preorders and ours would be in the next shipment… next week… weak.

  • Ashley

    I called th Best Buy where I pre ordered earlier today and was told I may not get my Droid X tomorrrow on launch day. Just about 15 minutes ago I got a phone call asking me what time I would like to come in and pick up my phone. Going in @ 1:30pm! Im super excited! I hope you all have luck getting your as well!

  • sooner2k1

    My wife and I are pre-order #1 & #2 at a local best buy in Oklahoma City. We both got seperate calls saying ours are in stock and we can come pick them up any time today or tomorrow. My wife got the call first and told me they said today, but I didn't believe her. Then they called me and said the same thing. I want to call and confirm, but I figure if it was a mistake then I can at least gripe that they had me drive all the way out there based on bad information and hope they let me have it.

    Has anybody had any luck with BB selling early? Do you all think I will get shot down once I get there, even though they told me to come today?

  • Guestbmc1217

    BB just called me but im at work…6 cant come fast enough

  • Got the call, I was number thirteen but got bumped to number 12, and of course they only got 11 in!!!! Grrr! Hopefully someone will decide they don't want one!

  • I called and confirmed my pre-order. She initially gave me some runaround about “how I might not get one,” but I stayed cool and said I was in the first batch. Turns out I was fifth in line and booked my appointment for tomorrow. Worst case, I'll go to Verizon…

  • mlbernardo

    my BB (Danbury, CT) just called me to set up an appointment tomorrow. I was the first in line to pre-order, but unfortunately I work all day tomorrow so I won't be able to pick mine up until late….it's gonna be a long day at work.

  • Dman27

    Best Buy just called me and set up an appointment for 5pm tomorrow after work!! wahoo (I am #17 on the list)

  • edwards311

    Just talked to the local BB…they said they did not have the X as of now but were getting them 2nite. I set up my appointment for 5pm(sux to have to work for a living)…he also said that all pre-orders at that store would be filled….I wonder if they will have the 32 gee bee cards?????

  • Got my appointment @ BB! 10:30am tomorrow!

  • Dan

    Just got my Droid X and best buy in Olathe Kansas. It works!

  • Waiting for the call!!!!

  • I preordered on July 4 in the second wave. They called yesterday to setup my appointment to pick it up. So in Seattle they have enough to fulfill some of the second wave too.

  • Jpsaucier

    if the first shipment is too short for me to get one tomorrow, what can i anticipate for the next shipment? within days, or is it more likely to be weeks?

  • zrobbyd

    Called BB and was told the phones are “In Transit.” I'll be calling again tonight to see if they came in since they wouldn't tell me my spot in line (I did preorder during the first batch though). Let's hope…

  • There's a strong possibility I will be at my local Verizon store at 7am tomorrow.
    I bought the original Droid the day after it came out, after having used an Iphone 3G and never looked back.
    In all the time I have had my Droid, I have never rooted. Just never felt the need to. I get all the customization and choice I need without it.I am really looking forward to the X because of thel larger screen mostly. Since I got my Droid, I've seen the Nexus, Incredible and Evo all come out, will there be something newer right after I get my X, probably. But I don't care, I'll be happy.

  • Mudfish

    I went to the BB I pre-ordered from. as of 1 pm the had not received their shipment yet. Was told they would have them and as I was first on the list (not rubbing it in..)I would receive on. Just now received a phone call from BB and said i would get mine and requested a time to come in. They said they were only receiving 7 and were all accounted for via pre orders. they near by vzw corp store said they expected to be busy but thought they would have enough either in sotre or over night ship from the warehouse…

  • Just an FYI.. called my VZW store to get the scoop on tomorrow. They already received their boxes of shipments for the day and the Droid X's were NOT in the shipment. This means it will be at least early afternoon tomorrow before the next boxes get delivered, and they said there's still no guarantee the X's will be in that shipment.

    This is the Torrington, CT store.

  • Jmantucca

    just got a call from best buy. they arent there yet, but they are en route. He said the store is only getting 7 it looks like and since I am number two just to be there when I could tomorrow to pick up my phone. No walk ins are going to be accepted at this point. This is in Illinois

  • Buckeye71086

    Just got a call from BB and my X is in!!! Pretty happy considering I pre ordered AFTER JULY FOURTH DURING THE SECOND PRE ORDER! Any other second round pre orders get a call today???

  • andrew401

    well i just got a call from my local best buy saying that my droid x is there waiting for me to come pick it up at 10 AM tomarrow morning. he also told me I AM FIRST ON THE LIST! for you guys getting them at verizon they are doing a special deal that includes a 32gb sandisk micro sd card for $100 with purchase of a droid x. that's basically 50 dollars off which is a pretty good deal if you ask me

  • SteveP

    Got the call a little while ago. Guess the rep I spoke too earlier was confused. 12:30 X will be in hand.

  • Xcite_bike

    I was #1 to pre-order (the first time) and just got the call from BB here in Northern VA a few minutes ago. How I'm going to sleep I don't know…

    I was wondering: why are accessories at BB a ripoff? Aren't they just as expensive from Verizon? I got a cheap case from Ebay (4 bucks, free shipping!) which will do, but I really need a car charger and a home dock. I was just going to use that $50 gift card…

  • Spence81

    Just called my BB and they only got 10 in… I was #12. The guy was optimisitic that they would get another shipment very soon. I pressed and he thought under a week. This was in Beavercreek, OH.

    • Tkc122

      under a week?! heart attack :S

  • stang6790

    I was just at Walmart in Franklin OH grocery shopping and they had got two Droid X's in and a dummy for display so if you are wanting one you might want to check your local Walmart.

  • some how my aunt got hers yesterday……lucky

  • EricinPhx

    I pre-ordered it on the first day and just called BB and they have not got there FedEx yet.. Nothing like waiting till the last day to ship. I guess they do not trust the employees with the phones a few days early.

  • Terry Hesticles

    Finally got through to the Best Buy in Tenleytown (Washington DC). I am #10 on the wait list. The operator told me that the truck was coming tomorrow (not today) and they hoped the phones were on it. FML. I will stop by there tonight and see what happens. I also realized the sales rep who took my pre-order put my phone number down wrong. I am having a great day. :/

    • Terry Hesticles


      They called me after work at 6pm to say they had my phone! Needless to say…I am moist.

  • Lt1demon

    Best Buy called me today and told me to come anytime after they open tomorrow. Thankfully I was first pre order at the store. Funny thing is I called them yesterday and they pretty much told me being first didn't mean anything. I would just have to get there and be lucky.

    • andrew401

      lol yeah they lied to you then. of course being first matters what a bunch of morons

  • TOverall

    I called BB yesterday and they are expecting 13 Droid X's in my town. I'm number 14 or 15 on the list so, I doubt I will be getting mine this week unless, I cancel with BB and order online. Does anyone know if BB will be selling the accessories also, such as the car dock and home dock?

    • Tkc122

      yes, they are also getting the accessories…according to a sales rep

      • TOverall

        That's good. I can use the gift card for that and buy the phone online.

        • Tkc122

          i am doing the same. ordering one at 3:01 am EST from wirefly. hopefully their site does not half to a shutdown.

        • Tkc122

          just called Wirefly…they can't pre-order or order a Droid X yet. The nice guy even tried asking his manager but they haven't have a 'go' from Verizon yet. He told me to call him back in 12 hrs when the phone is released.

      • craig1989

        If you have the receipt (which you should if you ever wanted to pick up the pre-order) you can return the gift card for cash. I double checked this prior to signing up just in case they didnt get them in.

  • just called both stores in my area(Manhattan,KS and Topeka,KS) Manhattan is where I got on the waiting list ( got there to late to pre-order) they dont have them yet but like a lot of people been told to call back later tonight. Topeka store wouldnt tell me anything ” cant disclose that information yet as the phone is not released” that pissed me off more than the locked bootloader!! so I said ” f u and have a great day!”

  • Vzndroid

    Jost got my call from BB, i was # 12 on the list,im glad i made it for the first batch !!!

  • Sean_flinn

    Cleveland>Steel Yard Commons>Best Buy…. shipment confirmed, appointment made!

  • Jroc869

    WoooHooo just got the call from BB 10:30am picking mine up.

  • Jay P

    Just got the call from my BB they have in for me, can't wait.

  • Jpsaucier

    I was part of the 2nd pre-order run here in Los Angeles, and I am #13.
    Anyone have a guess on what my expectation should be for getting a phone?

    • Im number 13 on the 2nd pre order as well. Im in PA and a guy just said that another best buy close to mine only got 10…

    • Tkc122

      (un)Lucky #13 here too. I called them and they went short by 3. if i don't get a call by tonight from BB..i will order one online at wirefly or something. ugh!

      don't know what to do with the useless $50 giftcard now (accessories at BB are a rip off…)

      • You can get a refund on the gift card according to several employees I have repeatedly checked with. That was my first question before I pre-ordered, so if something happened, I wouldn't be stuck with a BB gift card.

        • Tkc122

          PHEW! will drive to BB before they close and get the cash. If thats not the case, I will post an update here. Thanks John!

          • NOT TRUE! When I preordered mine I actually dealt with the Mobile Dept. Supervisor. She made sure I understood TWO things (she repeated them!) 1) That the preorder did NOT guarantee I'd get a phone on ANY certain date, just that I would get one and 2) The gift card was NOT refundable if I decided I didn't want the phone. I took that to mean that if I grew impatient and didn't get the phone right away I still had no right to cash refund for my $50. Best Buy accessories not only are expensive, they're selection sucks!

  • joser

    Number two at best buy in bolingbrook, illinois. They don't have them in yet but said they will be here either tonight in the second truck or first thing tomorrow morning. I don't know how I feel about this.

    • Kool, I'm #3 at bolingbrook. Gonna go there in the am before work to see if I could just walk in and claim the phone if it arrives before I get there.

      Excited, replacing a non-waterproof Droid- was android-less for about 1 month and definitely miss the micro-computer at my fingertips. I guess with the accident it was a good excuse for an upgrade.

  • Zach R

    Just called local BB in the San Diego area. They have not received their shipments yet and could only inform me that the Droid's are “In Transit” meaning they'll be in tonight or tomorrow morning. Wouldn't tell me my place in line either. I was told to call back around closing time tonight as well as tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed…

  • Just called my Best Buy. They show they only got *6* DROID X and 8 pre-orders (IDK WTF happened to the 25/60 counts they were supposed to get) … anyways I'm #7 so not even guaranteed to get one!!! The guy said to call back later tonight to check. Note: He didn't say I WOULDN'T get one, he said he couldn't guarantee I WOULD.

  • Vdubguy18

    Just spoke with Best Buy, X's have arrived and mine in set aside. No appointments being made it is just come in and pick up your phone. They have more then they preordered based on what I was told by the BB rep. Im in the Tampa, FL area

  • picking one up tomorrow for my son… just wish it wasn't locked down…

    • andrew401

      dude, this phone is SICK your son will love it. i hear you on the bootloader tho, but don't worrie me n a couple other people have connections and have a little something up our sleeves, i CAN promise you that

      • I hope.. we use the wireless wifi on my rooted droid all the time..hoping that the droid x can atleast be rooted to run that…

  • Really With the locked boot loader and all you guys are still jumping on this train? I'm a droid guy and just don't see what the big deal is with this phone, sure its the new hotness but in 9 months when your waiting for that next Moto update (like everyone is with the Droid for 2.2) your going to be upset you can't load a custom ROM for Gingerbread… and Moto-Ninja-Shadow-Whatever-Blur seriously? You guys can have it! On VZW? I'd be waiting for the Facinate… 4″ SuperAMOLED and they are rooted before they even drop! Droid X great phone for my wife I guess of course she is on a Blackberry now…and if you don't expect a TIMELY update… Cliq/XT anyone? Droid 2.1 fiasco? seriously?

    • mustangboss

      well im getting one because im a newcomer to the android world and this phone fits me the best because i dont like the thickness of the D1 and i dont need the slide out keyboard….even though im coming from a god awful lgEnvTouch….so i guess i wont know what im missing with being able to root or not right?? i think i have a lot to learn and im sure all the smart people working with this phone will eventually crack it

    • andrew401

      ummm, sorry to break it to you but i have connects with verizon and they are locking down that phone just like the droid x. but i mean yeah the screen is nice on it but really? touchwiz no thank you AND SAMSUNG! wtf honestly? that phone is for teenie bopping little high school cheerleaders to be honest. oh and by the way, the droid incredibles bootloader was locked down just as badly and unrevoked cracked it in no time. also i know there is already a rooted ROM for it out there we are just waiting for the phone to drop. so yeah you have fun with your touchwiz lil girls phone ( which the UI is absolutely awful ) oh also the droid x is not motoblur at all just vanilla with a custom launcher THAT YOU CAN CLEAR DEFAULTS TO ON MANAGE APPLICATIONS AND RUN THE DEFAULT ANDROID LAUNCHER. yeah i know this because i have one already but am getting another tomarrow. So sorry to break it to you man this is a big boys phone, you can keep your lil gossip crazy broads phone lol

  • Tkc122

    Just called State College, PA BB, I was #13 on the list and they only have the first 10 to cover. booo! so bummed right now.

    and they don't know when the next batch will come in

    • Dude I preordered mine at BB in Muncy, PA. I called and no one answer im also 13.

      • Tkc122

        call calling the heck out of them…someone will answer

  • az

    I was first to pre order at my Best Buy in Hollywood, CA and am still waiting. I feel like they found a way to screw this up. Going to stop by after work. If they botched it somehow I'll go by Verizon tomorrow morning.

  • Komodos

    God, please let BB call me now… I was the second person to pre-order at the BB in Niles, OH… so I really hope that they get the shipments.. :/ wish me luck as I am keepin my fingers crossed for you all.

    • Komodos

      So, I just called the BB in Niles, OH. They just got the shipment, and the rep said that they'll be giving me a call in a few hours to secure a pick up time sometime tomorrow! Im so freakin pumped 😀

  • timarnette

    I called Verizon yesterday. They are calling me in the morning at 10:00am. I will have my X Friday overnight shipping FREE. One day will not kill me. I am still going to have my Droid also.

  • Maizekid

    Oh how I hate the waiting games

    • Komodos

      I hear that man, I caught myself just staring at my phone lol

  • I called my Best Buy where I have it pre-ordered and they said they won't get them in until tonight, so they will call me sometime tomorrow to schedule a time to come get it tomorrow… I love it, a pre-order process where I won't find out until AFTER launch if there will even be a device waiting for me.

  • Mreservices1

    Just called my local BB (Sterling, VA) and they have not yet received them. I am # 11 on the list and still waiting on call. They weren't very encouraging about me receiving one yesterday. Then I called another BB and they already had them (20) and made all of their calls. They told me they received the most in the region. Again, not very encouraging for tomorrow pickup.

    • Mreservices1

      I meant tomorrow, not yesterday. Can't seem to type or think when you are worrying about picking up your new Droid X……

  • What are they working on for the Christmas season? Should we just wait until then?

    • Tony

      The problem with that is that come Christmas season. They'll be working on something for the spring/summer season. Should we wait until then?

      it's a never ending game.

      • Rmartin

        @ Earl…I agree with Tony. it's a cat and mouse game they play with consumers. “2ghz” is a carrot to get us drooling!!! If you keep waiting for the “next” best thing, they you'll be waiting for a long time and nothing to show for it. I'm going to get the X and in 2 years, LTE should be available and I'll get an LTE phone. Gotta stop with the “deer in the headlights” when it comes to these phones.

  • Efg

    I live in Cerritos, and just called my local Best Buy, got told that they will not going to launch Droid x tomorrow (15th) sigh ………..

  • 1bad69z28

    I'll have to talk to my inside source at my local Verizon store for details.and the Droid 2.ha ha

  • Ponchera

    how are original DINC and Droid owners planning on getting these? buy full retail price and offset cost selling elder Droid? (BTW, whats full price?)

    • aczm1988

      Full price is $599.00 i believe.

    • Yes, I sold my incredible a few days before they announced the droid x. I switched back to my Droid in the meantime.

    • James Montgomery

      Well, until I receive word on “root-ability” and the cracking of the locked bootloader, I'll be holding off. I hope the community can circumvent the closed environment Moto is creating otherwise, it's just another phone.

    • Chris Nimon

      im selling my D1 to get it. Kellex had a post the said APPROXIMATELY 569.99 for full price. I figure if I sell mine for 250-300, and the cost would be 200 if i could NE2 today, the difference is really an extra 70-120 bucks. I can deal with that.

  • I just got a call from Best Buy in Noblesville, IN and I'm first on the list to get mine, the downside is that this store is only receiving 4 phones with over 75 pre-orders for the device.

  • 1bad69z28

    I thought Verizon was doing a special promo that if you upgraded while still in your contract first year there is some sort of discount given, but you will add on an additional 2 yr conttract.

  • EggoEspada

    Thought I'd bring it to your attention for people buying their Droid X tomorrow.


    Verizon is offering 32GB miniSD cards for $100 if you buy a Droid X, $200 for others.
    Pretty damn good either way though.

  • Tony

    Crap. Just called them and they want to call me to set up and appointment for tonight. They will fill it early. But I won't be home all night! I'll be at a concert. WOE IS ME.

  • cwebb

    Just called my store in Indianapolis, who would not schedule a pickup time as they had not yet received their shipments. They did indicate they were hoping for delivery by 5:00 PM EDT today, but would have to call everyone later to schedule pickup times.

  • mhoe

    How does this early upgrade option work that I hear about from time to time? I got my droid last Dec. so I assume I am locked in until Dec of 2011 right (unless I want to pay full price for a phone)??

    • Yes…I believe after one year though you can upgrade at a small percentage off retail price?
      That's what my rep said anyways lol

      • aczm1988

        Totally off topic but as always your my go to guy lol.

        I cannot get the droid-life app to install to save my life. Ive disabled apps2sd thinking it was that and still nothing. It hasnt worked on SS 4.4 or any new CM6. I dont get it :S

        Any ideas?

        • I am having no problems with it on CM6…
          So it downloads then just doesnt istall??? 🙁

          • aczm1988

            It downloads fine, then says install unsuccessful. Ive had that problem with a cpl apps that were on the sd card, they would not update till i moved them to the phone. But i even forced it to install internally and it still errors out. And like i said SS 4.4 was the same way. Im not even a newb with this stuff and im still mind boggled lol.

            Guess its just my bad luck 🙁 (Hate going to web to see DL updates)

          • Did you try BGills market fix at all?
            Maybe that's it? Something to do with Froyo maybe?
            Thats my first guess… 😛

          • aczm1988

            Sorry was eating lunch, but yea tried it with and without bgills fix

    • I got mine a couple of months ago also and I contacted Verizon and they told me I could either buy one for the retail price or add a line to my current contract and get one that way

    • from my understanding you can early upgrade after 1 year but you pay an additional $20 ( I do it all the time over the phone). I can never wait and always find a way to upgrade early . for example got eris in nov, droid 1 in march , and DroidX tomorrow! eris $30 D1 $170 and will pay 199 tomorrow … all on one line!! just gotta know how to manipulate the system like they do to US!!!

    • MdB

      i got a call about 13 months into my 2 year plan saying i was eligible for an early upgrade, rep said it the time frame scales based on what plan you have (e.g. more expensive = earlier upgrade)

      went in to upgrade form alias 2 to the incredible, ended up waiting till friday to buy the Droid X which should come in wednesday /crosses fingers

  • Sparhawk2k

    I got a call and they actually reserved a time to pick it up. It sounds like it was quite busy because they didn't have any slots left to pick it up in the morning.

  • I wish I had the money to get one of these but just got my droid 4 months ago and dont have the 600 bones to fork out too just buy one

    • aczm1988

      Agreed 🙁

  • Tony

    Must… Phone… Bestbuy….

  • El El Kool J

    Dammit FedEx/UPS where u at?? I need my shipment now.. Got customers callin like crazy for their phones

  • Best Buy in Tampa just called me and said they just got them in and that I can come at 9:30 tomorrow to pick it up.

  • awesome! enjoy your new droid superbeast. i have an early upgrade option in the winter and will use it on 4G phone (crosses fingers)

  • Jim

    I live in Seattle and got in on the initial pre-order phase. I got signed up pretty late, only a day before they closed down the pre-order, and they warned me that since there were many in front of me there was no guarantee that I'd get the phone on the 15th.

    Yesterday afternoon I received a call from Best Buy confirming that the phone was definitely in-stock, and they wanted to set up an appointment for activating it. Good news for Seattle folks.

  • Chris

    JUST got called by BB to set up my appointment tomorrow to pick mine up!

  • JPC776

    I have an appointment at 8:00am in the morning (7/15) to pick mine up from my local Best Buy

    • Jroc869

      lucky you im still waiting on my call.

  • Good news for people! lol

    • Mrpicolas

      Hmmm should I add another line? That would make 7?????nah ill wait till Aug for the Droid2

  • Awesome =)