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acer chromebook tab 10

Chrome OS Tablets are Officially Here!

Chrome OS on tablets is now a real thing, not just a side-story in a convertible novel. This morning, Acer and Google announced the Chromebook Tab 10, the first tablet that runs nothing but Chrome OS. This first tablet was built with education in mind, so that...
pixel c unboxing

Womp Womp: No Google Assistant for Android Tablets

Google confirmed this week that Android tablets won't receive support for Google Assistant. With all the excitement taking place around many Marshmallow and Nougat-sporting smartphones, it seems no one really took the time to ask about Android tablets. Gee,...
pixel c unboxing

Friday Poll: Do You Use an Android Tablet?

Android tablets. Over the years, it seems companies aren't producing them as much as they used to, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are on the decline. However, there hasn't been that many major Android tablet releases lately, with exception to the Pixel...