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Google Phone App

Google Phone App Update Just Brought Us a Dark Theme

Back in August, Google told us that a dark theme was "coming soon" to the Google Phone app. Today, almost two months later, that dark theme has arrived! The update showed up in the latest update to the Google Phone beta as v26.0.221539659. If you want to opt-...
Google Phone Dark Mode

Google Phone’s Dark Mode is “Coming Soon”

You are all aware that Google has changed most of its apps in recent weeks to being heavily white, which has led many to wonder if we'd finally get some dark modes. In a recent Android Messages update, we got just that, but apps like the Google Phone and...
google phone beta

Google Phone App Gets Beta Program on Play Store

Want to get into another beta version of a Google app? The Google Phone app now has a beta program and you can sign-up this minute. All you have to do is hit that Google Play link below on your phone and scroll to the bottom of the app listing to find the "...