Google Pixel’s Phone App Might Get Easy “Lookup” Number Feature

Google Pixel Phone

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How many times recently has a phone call hit your device and you ignore it, only to then immediately Google Search the number to see if it was important or something you should have answered? I do it daily. The process, though, for making that happen, could be so much simpler. Google appears to understand this process and may soon give us the ultimate lookup shortcut.

Spotted by Google app diver AssembleDebug in a recent Google Phone beta update (127.0.620688474), a new “Lookup” button has appeared in the Recents call log for numbers not in your contacts list that you may want to…lookup. You can see how this will look in the image below.

Should this button appear for you, it’ll arrive when you tap on an unknown number in your call history next to Add Contact, Message, and History shortcuts. By choosing Lookup, your phone will then fire up a request from an app that can handle such a task, like Google Search. The Lookup shortcut appears to copy the number with quotes around it to then perform the search.

Pixel Phone - Lookup Feature

We have no idea if or when this could rollout more broadly to you and I. We just received the March Pixel Feature Drop a few weeks ago and aren’t expecting another big update until June. Could Google slide this feature into our phones before then? They absolutely could. In fact, because this is a part of the Google Phone (“Phone by Google”) app, it’s not a Pixel-exclusive app. I actually wonder if this could hit as one of those Android Feature Drops that Google uses to showcase how great Android is as a platform for all devices.

Since this was spotted in a beta build, you may want to join the Google Phone app beta program here.

Guys, how freakin’ exciting are you while reading this?

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