Pixel Watch 3 Lands at FCC With Surprising Connectivity, 4 Different Models

Pixel Watch

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A series of Google-made devices stopped through the FCC this evening and we’re just going to assume they are the Pixel Watch 3 in multiple variants and sizes. There are clues that suggest these can’t be anything else but smartwatches, plus there are some surprises in store that should excite you.

Under Google’s FCC ID, we have 4 devices all referred to as “Wireless Device.” We’ve seen smartwatches referred to as “Smart Wearable” and these don’t say that, but looking at the connectivity, I’m not sure what else they could be, especially with 4 versions here. There is also a reference to the FCC testing 5 different straps for the RF exposure test. What else uses a strap and has the connectivity we’re about to talk about other than a smartwatch?

The four Google devices carry model numbers of GBDU9, GRY0E, GG3HH, and GGE4J. Two of them have LTE connectivity while the others would be the WiFi/Bluetooth models.

We’re still very much diving into these FCC documents on a Sunday night, but the first thing that stands out is the addition of UWB to all four models here. We’re also seeing 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi, which we don’t often see in a watch. On the LTE models, the FCC is actually suggesting this is 802.11ax, so at least WiFi 6.

Below, you can see the full connectivity of models GBDU9 and GRY0E, which will be the LTE and WiFi models. UWB is here, hopefully to unlock all of our fancy cars, as is NFC for payments. This is also where you’ll see the 802.11ax WiFi, proper LTE bands for the major US networks, and the remark that states “The strap 1/2 were perform full RF exposure evaluation, other strap 3/4/5 were spot check worst case band and configuration.”

Pixel Watch 3 - LTE Connectivity

Next up, we have GG3HH and GGE4J, which will be the WiFi and Bluetooth models. These also have 802.11ax WiFi, though, as well as UWB and NFC. So jumping from an LTE model to a WiFi-only model won’t mean you are giving up any tech. That’s big.

Pixel Watch 3 - WiFi Bluetooth

We are still trying to figure out which versions are the big and small models, since we fully expect Google to launch 41mm and 45mm Pixel Watch 3 sizes. Should we figure that out, we’ll report back.

August 13 is pretty close.

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