Samsung Details New BioActive Sensor in Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra

Galaxy Watch - Sleep Apnea Tracking

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When you slap the new Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra (or regular Galaxy Watch 7) on your wrist in the coming weeks, you’ll do so knowing that each watch has a brand new BioActive Sensor inside that Samsung believes raises the bar for your wellness needs. We’re talking about “never before seen” territory here for health tracking.

In a short blog post to detail the new BioActive Sensor in the Galaxy Watch 7 series, Samsung says that they are providing 3 major upgrades that include “enhancing the performance of light-receiving photodiodes, adding additional colors of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and arranging them optimally across the sensor.” This upgraded system “will enable advanced predictive and preventative wellness features never before seen on a wearable device — in addition to more accurate health measurements.”

What does all of that really mean? From a technical standpoint, Samsung suggests they doubled the performance of photodiodes on the sensor (over the Galaxy Watch 6), allowing them to decrease the number of diodes and then increase the number of LEDs with new colors.

By having more Green, Red and Infrared LEDs, you should get more accurate readings of your heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and stress. This should also help improve accuracy of your active heart rate when working out, something many watches in this space struggle with as you move in varied ways.

As for the new LED colors (Blue, Yellow, Violet and Ultraviolet LEDs), Samsung believes they can unlock new possibilities with health tracking, the first of which is “an advanced glycation end products (AGEs) index,” which is an indicator of metabolic health and biological aging. In other words, Samsung is going to provide a snapshot of your biological age and then attempt to help you make better decisions about staying healthy.

Samsung is set to show off the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra and regular Galaxy Watch 7 in 2 days. You ready?



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