Samsung’s Galaxy Ring Rumored at $300, Might Have a Monthly Subscription

Galaxy Ring - Price

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Samsung will soon enter the smart health ring arena with its Galaxy Ring and I’ve got to be honest here, it’s probably the piece of tech for this year outside of Google’s Pixel 9 line-up that I’m most excited about. While smart ring’s aren’t necessarily new, it’s a space not filled by many companies as of this moment, with the Oura Ring really the only meaningful option on the market. With Samsung entering the space, things will get far more serious.

So far, Samsung hasn’t said much about the Galaxy Ring after it’s initial teaser in January, during the Galaxy S24 launch. They have at least shown off the product in various colors, talked about sizing, and could bring it to us in the next Unpacked which is rumored for July. What we haven’t heard at all from Samsung is how much this ring might cost.

Thanks to a new rumor, we can start to talk about a Galaxy Ring price range and whether or not we think this is fair.

What are the Galaxy Ring price rumors: Leaker Yogesh Brar took to Twitter to share that they believe the Galaxy Ring will land somewhere between $300 and $350. They have also apparently shared that they wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung adds to that price by charging users a monthly subscription. The price of that subscription is thought to be under $10 per month.

My reaction to that level of pricing is that it is not at all surprising. Is that more expensive than a smartwatch, which has a screen, tells the time, and handles notifications as well as other activities you can actually view? Yes, it is. However, we’re talking about a tiny package of tech that can do wild things for the size, assuming Samsung can meet or better its biggest competition, Oura.

For those not familiar with Oura, it is the only legit smart ring player I know of. They’ve been around for years and are now on generation 3 of their ring. It starts at $299 and tops out at $549 if you get really fancy and choose rose gold as the finish. Oura also charges a $5.99 per month subscription to get extra features. The subscription is borderline required to get anything but the most basic feature set.

Oura’s ring provides a detailed sleep analysis, tracks heart rate 24/7, checks SpO2, provides cycle and pregnancy insights, and monitors stress. Its heart rate metrics include resting and HRV, plus you get respiratory rate, as well as skin temperature tracking. You get weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and anniversary reports on your state of health and can push yourself with activity goals. It is a fully-featured smart device that isn’t much bigger than a wedding ring.

So, if Oura has over 1 million members paying at least $300 upfront and an ongoing $5.99 subscription fee, you know Samsung is like, “Yeah, we’re Samsung and should be able to do that and then some.”

Of course, a big part of me hates that. The price of the ring doesn’t bother me because this level of tech is very impressive for the size. However, Samsung doesn’t need to charge a monthly subscription. They already offer up Samsung Health for free with their smartwatches and they could absolutely keep doing that for the Galaxy Ring. In fact, it would help them crush Oura by doing so. But hey, we live in a world of quarterly earnings reports and the people with money who care deeply about that life love subscriptions. Boo subscriptions.

Tell us – you paying $300 for a Galaxy Ring and a monthly subscription?



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