DEAL: Galaxy Z Fold 5 for $549 is Good ($1250 Off)

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Discover Samsung is in full effect, with today’s big mobile deal focused on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. For a very limited time, Samsung has a big instant discount on the device, plus has enabled its enhanced trade-in values. If you’ve been eyeing Samsung’s latest foldable, now’s the time.

Price Breakdown: In total, with an eligible trade-in, you can save up to $1,250 on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, bringing the price down to a ridiculous $549. For this phone, that’s incredibly good. Samsung’s instant savings (even without a trade-in) is $450. For anyone using an eligible trade-in, you can then save up to an additional $800.

To give an idea on these enhanced trade-in values, Samsung is offering $650 for a Galaxy Z Fold 2 (4 year old phone), up from the usual value of $105. The seemingly subjective nature of these values can be questioned in another post, but the important thing to note is, whenever enhanced values are active, that’s when you buy.

If you’re looking to maximize savings on a foldable phone, and trade in your aging device at the same time, follow the link below.

Samsung Link



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