Samsung Teases Galaxy Ring as New Health and Fitness Device

Samsung Galaxy Ring

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At the very end of Samsung Unpacked today, probably just after you turned off from the excessively long event, we got a teaser of a new product on the way. The new device is called the Galaxy Ring and it is a health and wellness device that looks a lot like the Oura ring, only made by Samsung.

The tease came at the end of the Samsung Health portion of the event, basically as a “One more thing!” moment. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Ring by suggesting they are taking the “possibilities of Samsung Health to the next level by bringing Samsung Health’s cutting edge innovations to a brand new form factor.” The ring was then shown in a quick animation that told us little.

In the images here and on video (3:31 mark), we can see a 4-dot metallic arrangement that are likely some sort of sensor (I’m guessing for temperature readings), as well as 3 bumps on the bottom inside that will monitor things like heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability. We know those bumps do that because other smart rings have those same bumps.

Galaxy Ring - Features

It really does look like all of the other smart rings, but with Samsung behind it and connecting it to Samsung Health, it could take a step above competitors. Samsung Health is a pretty robust health platform at this point.

As far as the full feature set, timing of release or availability, and price of the Galaxy Ring, we know nothing. Samsung didn’t put out a press release for the Galaxy Ring or provide any other details outside of the end-of-show teaser.

The only other thing they said was that Galaxy Ring will be a “powerful and accessible health and wellness device” that is “here to change the shape of future health like only Samsung can.”

Galaxy Ring - Price

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