Android 15 Could Intro New At a Glance Widget for Lock Screen

Google Pixel - At a Glance Turn Off

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On Pixel smartphones, owners are likely familiar with the At a Glance widget. It shows current calendar happenings, weather, and other information directly on your home screen. In Android 15, it’s looking like Google is cooking up an At a Glance widget for your lock screen, capable of bringing you the same great information.

According to Mishaal Rahman, who was able to get the widget up and running while utilizing the Android 15 Beta 2.1 build, it’s not currently available to everyone unless you enable a set of specific flags. Once enabled, you’ll see in the screenshots below that it can display things like fitness tracking (via the Adidas app), Google Tasks reminders, and timers.

Rahman says that there seems to be a lot of work left to do on the widget, especially in the UX department. When enabled, there is apparently an overlapping issue, as well as a concern that third-party services could possibly force the lock screen to crash, which would certainly not be ideal for users. Due to these issues, it’s entirely possible that we won’t see this feature launch until Android 16, but for now, we’ll just wait and see.

You can view the widget in action by watching the video below. Notice the swiping gesture. It’s a slick little widget.

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