Tyhpur’s Smart Appliances Have Taken Over My Kitchen

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A few months ago, I wrote up an announcement for a product called the Sous Vide Station from Typhur. The reason for doing so was because not only am I a big fan of cooking and spending time in the kitchen, but it can be labeled as a “smart” appliance since it connects to an Android app for controlling cook times and water temperatures. Given I work for an Android site, it falls into what I can cover without going too off topic. Fast forward to now and after having received a unit for review and making many steaks with it, I can officially say that Typhur has been doing the bulk of the cooking in my house these past few months.

Sous Vide Station is my first personal experience using this cooking technique, and before this, I was pretty intimidated. What impresses me so much is how easy it is to set up and use. In the most simple of explanations, you fill up the tank with water, program what you’re cooking into the gorgeous full color touchscreen, throw your food into a plastic bag, suck the air from the bag with the unit’s own tiny vacuum, and then hit start. The unit manages your water temperatures, notifies you when your food is done, and unlike many less expensive sous vide options, it heats the large amount of water needed for cooking extremely fast. For a ribeye steak about 1-inch thick, the water cooking takes about one hour. Once out of the water, give it a quick sear on the stovetop while basting in butter and herbs, and you have yourself an insane flavor experience.

Entire Cooking Process in 4 Simple Photos

It’s great for way more than just steak, too. On the device’s touchscreen, there’s an entire recipe catalog to look through. There are fish recipes, veggie dishes, and so much more. In each recipe, it gives you ingredient quantities needed, as well as cook times, prep times, and even how difficult the recipe is.

A lot of times, the app that connects to these type of devices is total garbage. That is simply not the case with the Typhur app. The Android app is excellent. With the app, you can control device settings while cooking, access that same recipe book, update device software, and plenty else. For me, given the extended cooking times, I can start a cook, and then go around the house doing other things. When the cook is wrapping up, the app notifies me, the Sous Vide Station holds the temperature so as not to overcook the item, and then I come back to the kitchen to finish the cook. Many times, you can skip this type of app, but with Typhur’s products, the app actually enhances the experience.

I’ve also been using Typhur’s smart air fryer, which connects to the same app, as well as the brand’s smart meat thermometer. The air fryer, known as the Dome, cooks exceptionally well and evenly. Unlike my last air fryer, which was taller and forced you to stack certain foods on itself, the Dome is wide and deep, providing a large cooking space that Typhur notes can even handle pizza. I haven’t tried that yet, but I know that it makes homemade potato wedges crispy and cooked evenly, plus it recently whipped up some of the best chicken wings I’ve ever had.

As for the meat thermometer, called Typhur Sync, it has replaced my trusty ol’ MEATER probes, at least for the time being. Having everything running on the same app is too convenient to pass up. I can watch my sous vide going, track temps with something in the oven, and know when my air fryer will be beeping. With these three products, all running on the same app, my time spent in the kitchen has been fantastic. Cook times are managed better, and most importantly, the food tastes amazing.

Now, getting the entire Typhur experience in your kitchen isn’t cheap. The Sous Vide Station itself is currently priced at $1,299. Dome air fryer is $499 (currently comes with free Typhur instant read thermometer) and Typhur Sync is $229 (on sale for $199 at the moment) for two probes and the unit. That’s a big time investment for anyone, but what I can at least attest to is that each product feels like it’s worth those prices. The sous vide machine’s hardware is metal and premium (honestly, it’s straight up sexy looking), while the Dome’s hardware and touch controls feel fantastic. Everything I’ve tried from Typhur has been great, so while I admit the prices are wild, the products are awesome.

If you’re looking to elevate your own kitchen experience or give this whole sous vide thing a try, follow the links below. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, too. I’ll do my best to answer. Oh, and if I see any comments on the doneness of my steak, don’t worry, I know it’s perfect.

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