Samsung Knocks Up to $785 Off Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Discover Deal (10% Off, $600 Trade, More)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 - Best Last Minute Deal

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Holiday deals run for almost 3 months these days, so keeping track of what’s the best or is still a good option can be difficult to keep track of. Thankfully, for this year, Samsung has given us one place to find their best deals that have been as good, if not better than launch deals for devices like the Fold 5 or Galaxy Z Flip 5. Yes, the Shop Samsung app is still the place to shop at the moment.

We talked earlier in the week about their current (and still active) Fold 5 deal, so let’s dive into how you can get the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 price heading into these final holiday shopping days.

10% OFF SHOP SAMSUNG APP: By using the Shop Samsung app, you’ll save a bonus 10% off the price of the Z Flip 5 compared to just shopping directly on Samsung’s site. Why? Who knows, but that’s what Samsung wants us all to do this holiday season. We’re doing it too, because the prices are that good with these percentages off.

For the Flip 5, 10% off isn’t as big as the Fold 5’s 20% off, but the device isn’t as expensive. In the end, it will still help you drop a brand new Galaxy Flip 5 to one of its lowest prices ever. With 10% and combined with trade-ins and a storage upgrade, you can save up to $785.

So yeah, be sure to hit install the Shop Samsung app below and hit mobile deal links (like this one) to take advantage.

$600 TRADE-IN: To get the biggest price drop, you will trade-in something to Samsung for their instant trade discount. $600 is the most they’ll give you and devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Fold 4, S23 Ultra, or S22 Ultra will get you that price. There are several that will get you $500 off instantly too, like the Flip 3, Fold 3, S22+, and S21 Ultra.

How this works is that Samsung drops the trade-in value off the full price of the phone and then takes the 10% off from above.

FREE STORAGE UPGRADE: Like with the Fold 5 deal, Samsung is doubling the storage of the Flip 5 to 512GB from 256GB. This is a free $120 bonus that really sweetens the deal by giving you more storage than you’ll know what to do with.

BONUS $25: And for those who haven’t used the Shop Samsung app yet to buy anything, it looks like Samsung is still offering a one-time $25 off bonus on top of all of the discounts we just talked through. So at the very top of discounts, you are looking at $600 off for your trade, $120 in storage upgrades, $25 off as a bonus, and 10% off by using the app. That’s a lot of discount for a top tier foldable flip phone (our review) that could drop it to $334.99.

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Galaxy Z Flip 5 - Best Deal



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