Want to Edit Sent Google Messages? Google Might Soon Let You

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I can’t recall the exact moment it happened – probably during the early days of Twitter – but the initial cries for editable Tweets seemed to quickly move their way toward regular messaging platforms. People were typing faster than ever or autocorrect had become even more of a menace, and folks wanted to be able correct their incorrect messages.

Over time we have seen Tweets that are editable, as well as editable messages in WhatsApp, Google Chat, and Telegram. There are likely more, but those are the few coming to mind at the moment. People like to edit stuff, that’s clear.

For Google Messages, the same feature could soon be coming, according to TheSpAndroid, who dove into a recent Google Messages update and found hints of the idea in testing. There are hidden flags within a Messages beta build from late November that show Google working on letting you edit messages.

For now, this feature can’t be enabled and isn’t working, so it seems that Google is still in the process of figuring it out or at least building it out. That buildout could include edit history too, so if you want to see previous messages from someone who may have edited out history, it should be there.

Again, this isn’t live and Google hasn’t announced it, so we’ll do our best to let you know should message editing ever go live in Google Messages.



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