Private Space, Google’s Own Secure Folder, Looks Pretty Sweet

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For years, Samsung has had Secure Folder, a feature that allows Galaxy device owners to hide and protect selected apps from outside parties. It’s a feature that many non-Galaxy phone owners have wanted, and in a bit of happy news to end 2023, it appears that a native version is currently being built by Google for all Android users.

Reported to be called Private Space with demo build screenshots floating around thanks to Mishaal Rahman, we can see that this feature is very much similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder. A user selects the apps they wish to protect, then in order to see and access them, you’ll need to go through biometrics or have a password ready to go.

Due to this feature still being in testing, we’re not 100% sure if Google is sticking with its layout for when apps are selected to be private. As you can see in the header above, apps chosen to be made private are seen via the app drawer, which sort of takes away from the sense of privacy. However, it could be as simple as adding a setting for hiding private apps from the app screen. Regardless, when Google Photos added Locked Folder, you better believe there were many happy people out there. I sense the same thing will happen when Private Space is made widely available.

And speaking of availability, the best guess is currently Android 15, given how complete the feature seems to Rahman. Unless Google pulls a fast one and turns it into a Pixel exclusive via a Feature Drop, you should pencil in the next version of Android to offer Private Space.

Who here is ready to hide some apps?

// Android Police



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