Time to Check for More $25 Verizon Loyalty Discounts

Verizon Up -Price Increase

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Verizon’s loyalty department has been quite active in recent years, sending out loyalty discounts to customers with regularity, many of which stack on each other to amount to sizable reductions in monthly bill costs. We aren’t sure if another big wave of loyalty discounts is heading to accounts at the moment or not, but a couple of mentions in recent days caught our eye and we figured now would be a great time to remind you to check to see if you have an offer.

Verizon loyalty discounts can arrive in numerous ways. Sometimes we get notified of them in a text message that looks shady and other times we have to trick Verizon’s systems into thinking we’re leaving. Verizon also likes to sneak offers into their Verizon Up program that could land you a monthly discount.

A couple of folks this week popped onto reddit to share that in Verizon Up, they were seeing up to a $25/mo discount if they had lines on 5G Start, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, or 5G Get More unlimited plans. Those are Verizon’s no-longer-in-play unlimited plans, so I’ve got to be honest that I’m surprised to see loyalty discounts attached to them.

Should you find a similar discount because you are on one of those older plans, it seems as if the discount levels up depending on the number of lines you have. A single line plan gets $10/mo off, accounts with 2 and 3 lines gets $25/mo off, and 4+ line accounts get $20/mo.

To check to see if you have one of these offers available, you’ll need to open up your My Verizon app. From there you can do a couple of things. You could tap on the “Account” tab and look for the “Make the most of your plans” section where it might tell you there is an “Exclusive loyalty discount for you.” You could also tap on the “Verizon Up” tab and scroll through the offers throughout the page. Either way, Verizon Up is where you’ll find an offer, assuming your account has been handed one.

I’ll also point out that calling into Verizon to try and force them into giving you a loyalty discount is probably not the play. I’ve seen folks try over the years and it often just frustrates everyone involved because accounts typically need to be flagged for a loyalty discount – I don’t think any ol’ rep can just give you one.

So if you haven’t seen a loyalty discount at Verizon in a while, fire up the My Verizon app and see if today is your day.



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