That Verizon Text About a Loyalty Discount is Real


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Verizon appears to be sending out a wave of texts informing customers that they have a loyalty discount awaiting them and that a call into a specific 800-number will get them the deal. If you received this text, I can tell you from personal experience that it is likely the real deal.

At the end of last week while on a short trip, Verizon sent me a text saying that I was “eligible for an exclusive loyalty discount of $10/mo. off of your current Unlimited plan,” that no plan change was required to get the deal, and that calling 800.922.0204 would get me into this “limited-time” offer. I pushed the message aside because I didn’t have time to figure out whether or not the message was a scam message or real, but re-visited today. As it turns out, I now have a $10/mo discount on my Verizon line.

Here’s the full text:

Verizon Msg: KELLEN, great news! As a valued customer, you’re eligible for an exclusive loyalty discount of $10/mo. off of your current Unlimited plan (no plan change is required). Just call 800.922.0204 today to get this limited-time offer.

If you were like me and questioned the validity of this deal, feel free to give that number a call or hit up a chat representative on Verizon’s website. I initiated a conversation online this morning and was pushed through to a rep who was able to give me the loyalty discount that was advertised in the text.

After wondering if I was alone in this deal before sharing, it looks like I’m most definitely not alone. Here’s a growing reddit thread (another and another) of other customers who have received the offer. Some are getting the $10/mo off while others are seeing $15/mo. A few have seen up to $25/mo off.

As far as I can tell, the length of time you have been with Verizon doesn’t seem to matter that much. The biggest requirement is likely that you need to be on one of their Unlimited plans. But as Verizon reps have claimed in those reddit threads, a lot of this appears to be random. It’s also one of those situations where calling in and asking if the discount is available to you might be a waste of everyone’s time. If you weren’t texted, calling Verizon may not get you the discount if your account hasn’t already been flagged for one.

To recap – if you received that text message above, it’s likely legit. Give them a call and get a discount, especially now since a fee increase is on the horizon.



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