NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV Gets Its Yearly Black Friday Discount Up to $30 Off

SHIELD TV - Best Black Friday Deal

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The current versions of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV are 4 years old, if you can believe that. NVIDIA released the tube-shaped SHIELD TV and an upgraded SHIELD TV Pro at the end of 2019, just before the holiday season. As we hit this 4-year mark, we are still only seeing limited discounts on this Android TV device and we have to assume it’s because NVIDIA is still selling enough that it doesn’t need to drop the price much.

That said, the best Black Friday SHIELD TV deal is here and it may look familiar – SHIELD TV is $25 off and SHIELD TV Pro is $30 off. These are the same discounts we saw last year and possibly the year before that.

SHIELD TV $25-$30 OFF: At $25 off, the SHIELD TV tube edition drops to $125, while a $30 discount brings the SHIELD TV Pro down to $170. Still expensive, I know! When the Chromecast with Google TV exists at $50 on most days with regular discounts that drop it under $40 (like this one), you may be wondering why NVIDIA’s TV devices are worth buying? Well, they offer performance that puts Google’s Chromecast units to shame. As someone who has both in my house, I can tell you that Google’s device mostly frustrates the hell out of me, while NVIDIA’s typically work without issue at all times.

WHY BUY: SHIELD TV units (our review) also come with an awesome remote, the Pro can be connected to external storage to house more content of yours, and they include access to Geforce NOW. You can game on SHIELD units too, access all of the apps you need, and they use 4K upscaling that still looks impressive. And on top of all of that, NVIDIA is still providing regular updates after all these years with no signs of slowing or dropping support.

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