Here’s 25% Off Galaxy Z Flip 5, Plus $600 For Trades

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 - Best Black Friday Deal

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The Black Friday shopping period now extends well beyond a single weekend and we’ve been talking about Samsung’s deals for several days now. After sharing those two incredible Fold 5 and S23 Ultra discounts last week, let’s focus now on the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

For the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 Black Friday deal, we are looking at a similar setup to those other two, with a 25% drop, along with solid trade-in values for more phones, and a potential $25 bonus discount.

At this point, if you saw our previous write-ups, you know how to maximize this, so we’ll try to make this quick.

25% OFF TO START: Once again, Samsung is heavily pushing shopping for Black Friday deals through the Shop Samsung app. You’ll want to install it and take advantage on mobile devices, because like those other deals, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is a straight-up 25% off if you use Samsung’s app.

As I explained the other day, the 25% off comes through the app and the app only. If you head over to Samsung’s website, you won’t see this massive discount. You need to slide over there from a mobile device and link (like this one) to get the $999 retail price down to $749. And that’s just to start.

If you don’t have the Shop Samsung app yet, you’ll find it below.

$600 TRADE-IN: To further boost the discount, Samsung’s trade-in system is here as usual. The Flip 5 doesn’t grab the extreme trade-in values like the Fold 5 or S23 Ultra do, but you can still get up to $600 off. And remember, that’s $600 instantly off rather than as a refund later. Samsung’s trade-in program is undefeated.

To get the full $600, phones like the S23 Ultra, Flip 4 or Flip 3, S22 Ultra, or Fold 4 need to be handed off. There are a bunch of phones at $500 too, like the S23+, S21 Ultra, and S22+. Another batch are worth $400.

As a reminder, to find out how much you’ll pay, you need to apply your trade-in value first and then the 25% off that we discussed above.

EXTRA $25 BONUS: Samsung, to help you really buy into their Shop Samsung app, is doing a $25 off bonus if you are a first time user of their app. That’s not a huge amount, but it does stack on the two discounts above.

If you have a $600 device to trade-in, then take the 25% off and apply the $25 bonus cash, you could get a Galaxy Z Flip 5 for as little as $274.99.

Samsung Deal Link (click from mobile device)



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