Here’s 25% Off Galaxy S23 Ultra, Plus $800 for Trades and $25 Bonus

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Black Friday 2023

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Alright, we are back after yesterday’s big Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal with another special discount, this time on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s a similar promo where you get 25% off plus good values for a trade (up to $800) and a little $25 bonus, all leading to Samsung’s best non-foldable for as little as $275.

To get that, yes, there are some specific things you need to do, like shop within the Shop Samsung app and trade-in a pretty nice phone. Let’s try to quickly run through how to get this best Galaxy S23 Ultra Black Friday 2023 deal.

25% OFF TO START: Again, like with the Fold 5 deal and more deals to come, Samsung wants people to shop through the Shop Samsung app during this Black Friday period. If you do so – and you should – you’ll get the absolute best price compared to just about anywhere. Samsung is offering bigger discounts on top of the regular online discounts through this app.

For the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’ll get 25% off, just like you did in that Fold 5 deal. This 25% off deal is not available online and can only be had through the app when clicking a Galaxy S23 deal link (like this one) from a mobile device.

With a 25% off discount, you could get a Galaxy S23 Ultra with no device to trade-in for $899 ($300 off). That’s solid by itself. However, if you do have a trade, that’s where the price really drops, but keep in mind the trade is applied first before the 25% deal.

$800 TRADE-IN: Samsung is offering up to $800 instantly off if you trade-in a device like the Galaxy Fold 4 or Galaxy S22 Ultra. They have a longer list worth $600 that includes the S21 Ultra, S22+ and S22, and Fold 3. There are a number of devices worth $500 as well. If you have an Apple device to part with, you are looking at $500 to $800 for recent releases, not including the iPhone 15 line.

As a reminder, Samsung uses trade-ins to give you an instant discount today. Unlike others, Samsung doesn’t refund you for your trade-in later on and make you pay the full price up front. Instead, they give you the discount today and then accept your trade-in later to confirm you weren’t trying to pull something sneaky. It’s the best trade-in system on the planet.

EXTRA $25 BONUS: And finally, if this is your first purchase through the Shop Samsung app, you’ll get $25 off as a bonus. If you trade-in an $800 phone, apply the 25% mobile discount, and get the extra $25 off, you really can get a Galaxy S23 Ultra for $275. Wild.

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