Here’s 25% Off the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Free Storage Upgrade, $1,000 Trade-In (Updated)

Galaxy Z Fold 5 - Black Friday Deals

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Samsung has turned up for Black Friday 2023 already and this first Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal is quite something. They are currently running a deal that gets you $1,345 off, but it starts like no previous deal with a 25% discount. It then doubles the storage for free and gives you even more options to get a full $1,000 off with a trade-in.

This is the best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal I’ve seen, even over the pre-order deals because they are giving you more money for more phones, like the older Fold 3. And if you don’t have a trade, you just get 25% off without much effort as well as more storage.

Let’s dive into how you can get the full amount and the free upgrades from Samsung.

25% OFF TO START: This is one of the biggest pieces of this deal and it involves the Shop Samsung app. Samsung is hyper-focused this holiday season on pushing people into shopping through its own app and they will reward you with bigger discounts for doing so. If you click our special deal links (like this one) from a mobile device and have the Shop Samsung app installed, you’ll get a bonus 25% off on the Fold 5 to start. You may be annoyed by that, but it will save you hundreds of dollars.

To start, with 25% off, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 drops to $1,349. Since they are doubling the storage to 512GB for free, that’s $570 off and all because you used their silly app. With no app, you’d pay $1,799.

$1,000 TRADE-IN: From day 1, Samsung has offered anywhere from $1,000 to $1,200 off as a trade-in value toward the Fold 5 depending on the phone you have. For Black Friday, those values are topping out at $1,000, but more phones will get you the full $1,000.

As an example, you can get $1,000 off by trading in a Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Fold 4, or Galaxy Fold 3. Previously, the Fold 3 only ever topped out at $800. In that $800 bracket, you are also now seeing the Galaxy S21 Ultra for the first time, alongside the S22 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

One thing to note is in how the 25% off and trade-ins work together. The trade-in value is applied before you get the 25% if you are trading. If you don’t trade, you just get 25% off the full price.

FREE STORAGE UPGRADE: You guys understand this and probably don’t need an explanation, but yes, Samsung is giving you a free upgrade from 256GB to 512GB storage on the Fold 5. This is a $120 value.

EXTRA $25 BONUS: I didn’t mention this yet, but as another bonus for using the Shop Samsung app, Samsung will give you a bonus $25 off for your first purchase. So in the end, if you trade-in a $1,000 phone, get the 25% discount, add the free storage upgrade, and qualify for this extra $25 bonus, you’d pay $574.99 for a phone that would normally cost $1,919. Not bad, eh?

Everything make sense? You can get up to $1,345 off as long as you hit that link below from your mobile device and have the Shop Samsung app installed. I think it’s worth it, plus these Shop Samsung app deals stretch beyond just the Fold 5. We’ll have more soon.

Samsung Deal Link (click from mobile device)

  • UPDATE 11/24: This deal is still good and probably the best of Black Friday.



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