Google Swipes $90 Off Pixel Tablet With Dock

Google Pixel Tablet

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There’s something called “Prime Big Deal Days” happening right now as a pre-Black Friday sales event, so if you are looking to get holiday shopping done early, Amazon is here for you. Because this event appears to be a big enough deal, all of our favorite electronics are seeing solid discounts. The Google Pixel Tablet is one of those and it has a $90 price drop, dock included.

PIXEL TABLET DEAL: The current Pixel Tablet deal drops the price fro $499 down to $409, which to my knowledge is the biggest discount yet. We had an $80 discount a couple of months ago, but this tops that if we are doing simple math.

At $90 off, you can get both 128GB or 256GB models of the Google Pixel Tablet and in any color (Porcelain, Hazel, and Rose). Because Google won’t sell their newest tablet without its dock, the dock is indeed included to help turn the Pixel Tablet into a semi-home hub-like device. It really isn’t a good home hub, like the old Nest Hub devices were, so go into this thinking of the dock here as an added bonus that gives you some home controls or hub experiences with video and music playback.

Back when the Pixel Tablet first launched, we put together a mini-review or first impressions post that we think still holds up to this day. You may want to read that before diving in. And if that sounds like time better spent elsewhere, I’ll just say this – Google’s Pixel Tablet is not a high-end tablet, but it’ll handle media playback and basic needs assuming you don’t need a “Pro” level tablet. At $90 off, it’s probably a good deal.

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