Pixel Tablet Gets First Big Discount: Up to $80 Off

Google Pixel Tablet

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For the first time since launching in June, the Google Pixel Tablet is seeing a big discount. Depending on how much storage you need, you can save up to $80 on Google’s tablet-smart-home-hub.

Originally priced at $499 for 128GB storage or $599 for 256GB storage, the Pixel Tablet has been discounted to $439 and $519, respectively. Those are $60 and $80 discounts that really bring the Pixel Tablet down to a price it probably should have started at.

As a recap, Google released the Pixel Tablet as this odd combo device that is supposed to support your smart home like a Nest Hub Max might, but it then doubles as a stand-alone tablet if you want. It’s a multi-use device that works in such awkward ways that a discount has been needed. I say that because it’s not very good as a smart home hub and is also a pretty average tablet.

Since Google doesn’t sell the tablet on its own and instead gives you the speaker dock with it, I’d imagine that’s why we got to a starting price of $499. However, the Pixel Tablet really should start around that $400 mark, like we’re seeing with this first discount.

All retailers who sell Google’s new tablet appear to have the discount, so pick your favorite below.

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