Galaxy S23 Ultra and Friends Up to $350 Off

Galaxy S23+ - Best New Deals

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Amazon’s Prime Day of Big Dealness continues to show off big discounts on all of the toys, like all of Samsung’s best stuff. We showed you that excellent Galaxy Fold 5 deal earlier, so let’s now talk about the Galaxy S23 series, which is up to $350 off.

The Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra are all discounted at the moment, with cash price drops rather than trade-ins. We know how some of you can’t stand the trade-in process and would love to get instant discounts without having a high-end device to first part with. For you, trade-in hater, we have S23 deals.

GALAXY S23 ULTRA $350 OFF: The biggest deal is on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, where you’ll get up to $350 off if you choose a model with a added bit of storage. For example, the Galaxy S23 Ultra with 256GB storage is $250 off, but if you up that to 512GB the discount jumps to $350 off. You could either pay $949 for 256GB storage with this deal or $1,029 for 512GB – I think you know which way to go.

For the regular Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+, they too have discounts only not quite on that Ultra level. The smallest Galaxy S23 is $150 off for both 128GB or 256GB models, bringing the start price to $649. For the slightly bigger Galaxy S23+, you are looking at either $200 off or $250 off depending on storage (256GB vs. 512GB).

Need some help deciding? We have reviews of the Galaxy S23 (here), Galaxy S23+ (here), and Galaxy S23 Ultra (here). Yep, we put in a lot of time with all of Samsung’s S23 Series this year.

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