Google Readying New All-in-One Subscription Option?

Google Pixel 7a

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Google sells a lot of services and products. We’ve never seen a true all-in-one subscription option from Google with everything they have, likely because it would need to have 100+ things and cost a lot of money. For us Android people, the closest thing to a reasonable all-in-one subscription Google has offered was Pixel Pass, but given how short lived that was, we assume it wasn’t very popular. That won’t stop Google from trying again.

According to recent code digging that took place inside of the latest Google Home app, Google’s cooking up a new subscription that could combine offerings from Nest Aware and what looks to be Google One. Specifically, the code mentions 2TB of storage for services like Gmail and Drive, as well as “more benefits,” which lends the Google One assumption more credit.

We don’t yet have pricing details, but to take some guesses, a 2TB account on Google One is currently priced at $10/month. Nest Aware starts at $8/month. Safe to assume Google could offer a bundle somewhere around $12-$15/month?

As someone who subscribes to both Google One and Nest Aware separately, I’ll be interested to learn more about this offering. The only thing is, I don’t need 2TB of storage. I use the 100GB option and pay for it using my earned Google Play credit. There’s no way I can take enough surveys to afford the 2TB option.

We’ll update you as we learn more.

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