With the Awful Google Photos News, It’s Time to Sign Up for Google’s Opinion Rewards

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So, yeah, Google is doing something lame for Google Photos customers if you weren’t already aware. Unless they choose to revert this decision amidst customer backlash, which seems unlikely, those of us with huge Google Photos libraries are about to have to figure out how to pay for some additional Google storage. Thankfully, there are options and the main option I’d like to highlight is one that we’ve covered numerous times.

Google Opinion Rewards!

You see, should you subscribe to additional storage via Google Drive or Google One, payment for said subscription can take place via Google Play credit. And what’s a good way to earn free Play credit? With Opinion Rewards, of course!

How it works is simple. Whenever you leave the house or just use Google services, you’ll sometimes be asked to fill out a survey based on an experience inside of the Rewards app. For example, about 20x over the past month, I’ve been asked to share a photo of receipts I get from the grocery store. Each time I share a receipt, I get about $0.40 to $0.50. This all adds up and I have a nice little stockpile of Play credit that can be used not just for apps and games, but my Google storage costs, too.

I know many of you are already signed up for this, but for those who aren’t, we’ve been recommending it for years. If you’d like to enable this option, simply head into Google Play and under the Subscriptions tab, tap on your storage subscription, then select Google Play balance as the primary payment method.

If you’re not already enrolled, download the app below and start filling out those surveys!

Google Play Link



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