September’s Android Security Bulletin is Here, But Not the Pixel Update Yet

Google Pixel 7a - Update

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Yesterday was the first Monday of the month and also a holiday, so in a past life in the world of Android, that would have meant a monthly Pixel update delivered today, the day after a holiday. But you read this here site, so you know that Google de-committed from its first-Monday schedule for Pixel updates several months ago and has left themselves some flexibility in delivering monthly updates. As of this moment, they have not delivered a Pixel update, but did go ahead and publish their regular Android security bulletin.

What’s that, you didn’t know that because you keep seeing folks shout on Twitter and reddit that “Google is late again!” with this month’s update? Yeah, well, they aren’t late. Because again, they backed away from the first-Monday schedule in April.

Why am I talking about this today? For one, really just to point out that they did deliver the September Android security bulletin to let the world see what has been patched in Android. Google has kept their first-Monday commitment for these bulletins and hit that again today.

The other reason is that we were sort of wondering if Android 14 would drop today. We got what we believed to be the final Android 14 Beta build with Beta 5 to start August, followed by Beta 5.1 and Beta 5.2 with bug fixes to hopefully wrap things up. So far, though, all that Google has done is post the security bulletin build, still as Android 13 (TSV1.220628.044, more details on that).

So to recap, if you were refreshing your Pixel phone’s update page to try and pull an update, you can stop. Google has not yet released an update for September. At this point, we don’t know if they will or which version of Android it will be.

We’ll let you know if things change.



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