Official: Here is Android’s New Logo, Branding, and 3D Bugdroid

Android Logo (Official)

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A few months back, after folks in the Android community began noticing in official materials a 3D version of bugdroid, the Android robot character that so many associate with the brand, Google confirmed that they were working on a brand overhaul and planned to share more in the coming months. That new branding is now official with font and more on the 3D robot included.

Google announced the news in a blog post, sharing that the typeface for Android now includes a capital “A” at the front, instead of the lowercase “android” we have come to know. The word is officially “Android” now and with a font that carries more weight than Google’s own logo, yet is close enough in style that it “creates balance between the two.” You can see the new font for Android in the image up top.

As for the bugdroid robot, we already knew that it would jump off the page a bit with its new 3D design. However, we should also start to see the full-body bugdroid a lot more going forward. This new design is meant to showcase not only the head as well as a more dynamic character that “can easily transition between digital and real-life environments.” The robot is supposed to be more playful, as you might expect a robot associated with the Android brand to be.

Here’s the cleanest look you’ll find of the new Android robot.

New Android Logo (Bugdroid)

Google said that we should start seeing the new Android branding and 3D bugdroid on devices and “in more places” as early as this year. You have to wonder if it’ll be a big part of the Android 14 and Pixel 8 launches, whenever exactly those happen. Well, we know the Pixel 8 is coming on October 4, we just don’t quite know when to expect Android 14.

Best Android logo yet, or nah?

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