Pixel Fold Software Updates Guaranteed Until June, 2028

Google Pixel Fold - Hinge

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Google refreshed its guaranteed update schedule this morning, confirming that the Pixel Fold you just bought will continue to be supported with the normal Pixel schedule, being 3 years of major Android OS updates and five years of security updates.

Google will usually provide only a month and year, but at least right now for the Pixel Fold, they have given us exact dates for update support cutoff. I suppose you can go ahead and mark your calendars for June 26, 2026 and June 25, 2028. For the Pixel Fold, those are important dates.

Because Pixel Fold launches with Android 14, it seems like a relatively safe bet that it will end its life with Android 17, but because of the Android release schedule (usually second half of a calendar year), we can’t say for certain. Other Pixel devices only have beta access to Android 14 currently, so this may be a question we pose to Google to see if they have had put thought into this yet.

As a reminder for those keeping track, Samsung offers 4 years of Android OS upgrades.

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