June’s Android Security Bulletin is Here, But Not the Pixel Update Yet (Updated)

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It’s the first Monday of the month, so as a Google Pixel phone owner, you might have expected a new update to show up. Google spent years releasing updates for its Pixel phones on first Mondays, but has drifted from that schedule in recent months. In fact, we pointed out two months ago that they removed that¬†first Monday¬†reference on their updates page, essentially saying that the schedule was no longer so strict.

For May, Google actually delivered on the first Monday, but for April and March they did not. For a couple of months, Google even spread out updates depending on carrier connections, so again, the first Monday thing hasn’t exactly been a reliable calendar repeat to follow. The monthly updates are still coming as expected, just not when we previously expected them – I think that makes sense.

Since it’s June, this month is supposed to be a big one that you should get extra excited about as a Pixel phone owner. Going off past schedules, this month’s Pixel update is supposed to be a Quarterly Platform Release (QPR) and likely a Pixel Feature Drop. There will be bug fixes and new features and other stuff to play with, plus there are new devices around the corner. Like, June is going to be a lot of fun if you are a Google Pixel fan.

What Google has done so far on this first Monday is post the June 2023 Android Security Bulletin to tell the industry and partners what has been fixed this month from a security standpoint. You can view that bulletin here. There is not yet a Pixel Bulletin for June 2023.

I wish I could tell you that Google is just running an hour behind because Apple is doing its WWDC thing. However, there is a good chance that the update is actually coming next week or in a couple of days or in a couple of weeks. We don’t really know because Google has opened up the possibility that any day of the month is available.

Stay patient, we’ll get it soon enough. We’ll update you if there is an update.

  • UPDATE JUNE 12: A bit of an update on the situation – Google did not post the June Pixel update or Pixel Feature Drop today. We point this out because it’s the second Monday of the month and could have been a day to expect it. However, as I explained above, Google moved away from that first-Monday schedule a couple of months ago and has left open the possibility that they can release updates whenever.



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