The Galaxy S23 Series is Up to $200 Off Without Any Nonsense

Samsung Galaxy S23

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The Galaxy S23 Series is borderlineĀ peak Android. It will be hard for phones to improve upon this line-up that includes the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The cameras are all insane. Performance is excellent. And the battery life is remarkably great. So when any of them are discounted, it’s time to think about making one your next.

For the weekend, Amazon has straight discounts on the entire series without the need for a trade-in or the signing of a bad carrier contract that would try to lock you in for 3 years. Instead, we have $100 off at the minimum with the biggest discounts touching $200 off. As you can imagine, the more expensive the phone, the larger that price drop becomes.

Here are the current Galaxy S23 Series deals:

  • Galaxy S23 (128GB) is $100 off – $699 – Amazon Link
  • Galaxy S23+ (256GB) is $150 off – $849 – Amazon Link
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra (256GB) is $200 off – $999 – Amazon Link

I’m sure you don’t you a recap on any of these phones, as we have talked about each at length. I’ll instead point you to our Galaxy S23 Ultra review, Galaxy S23+ review, and my never-ending lovefest with the Galaxy S23.

Need a recommendation between the three? If you want it all, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a monster of a phone, both in specs and size. It is the ultimate of Android devices and you can’t go wrong assuming you don’t mind a big device. The Galaxy S23+ is about as good as it gets for $850, has enormous 2-day battery life and a big enough display to satisfy big phone lovers. If you are like me and want a smaller phone that doesn’t sacrifice on anything, including battery life, then grab that Galaxy S23 as fast as you can.

All of these Galaxy S23 deals are likely good for a few days – take your time if you need to.

NOTE: Fixed title! $200 off (!), not just $200. Apologies.



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