Thursday Question: What New Pixel Devices are You Ordering?

Google Pixel Tablet

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We have three new Pixel devices up for order or pre-order on the Google Store this week, thanks to the launch of the Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold. With all three of these devices up for order, we’d love to see a show of hands of who intends on snagging one of Google’s new devices.

Pixel 7a is priced at $499, a nice little package that we’ve had the pleasure of using for a little bit now. We have a full unboxing and additional details available here. Then there’s the Pixel Fold, a $1799 foldable that instantly became Google’s most expensive smartphone to date. Deliveries are set to take place next month, though, many of our readers claim there is no way they intend to spend that much on anything 1st-generation from Google.

Rounding out the new hardware is the Pixel Tablet, priced at $499 which includes the speaker dock. Except for its pricing, Pixel Tablet has essentially killed any need for a Nest Hub device, but again, it’s safe to assume Nest Hubs aren’t going away anytime soon due to the difference in cost.

Did you pre-order one of these devices? If so, let us know what convinced you. If you’re skipping them, give us an insight into that decision. Both are equally important to us.



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