Pixel 7a at $499 is Solid, But There are Deals Already

Google Pixel 7a

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OK, the Google Pixel 7a was announced yesterday by Google and then immediately made available from the Google Store, Best Buy, and carriers. At $499, it’s a decently priced phone that probably punches above its price. Like, this thing made the regular Pixel 7 a phone almost no one should consider.

But what if you don’t want to pay the full $499, since Google phones are almost always discounted? You have some options to save or at least get some bonuses with your Pixel 7a purchase.

These are the best Pixel 7a deals we can find today.

  • Best Buy: To launch, Best Buy is doing a $50 off discount if you activate it with them through your carrier. That drops the price to $449. On top of the discount, they’ll give you a $50 Best Buy gift card to spend on other stuff.
  • Best Buy Deal Link

  • Google Store: If you buy directly from Google, you don’t necessarily get a discount, but you get freebies and the choice of an exclusive color. Google has the Pixel 7a in Coral, will give you free Pixel Buds A-Series ($99), and a limited edition case.
  • Google Store Deal Link

  • Amazon: Amazon is always an easy option and they are essentially matching the Best Buy deal. Well, you don’t get a discount for activating, but they will give you a $50 Amazon gift card to spend on whatever. Can’t beat Amazon money, eh?
  • Amazon Deal Link

  • Google Fi: Google’s wireless service isn’t offering much of a deal really. They’ll technically give you one for free, but it comes in the form of bill credits paid out over 2 years.
  • Google Fi Deal Link

Want to buy from a carrier and need a deal there? The good news is that all of the carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) are all selling the Pixel 7a. It doesn’t seem that long ago when Google was struggling to get carriers to buy into its phones. Unfortunately, a couple of the deals are super gross. Verizon and AT&T are only offering free or $2/mo deals if you sign a 3 year contract. T-Mobile is only doing up to $500 trade-in to try and get it free.

Buy unlocked and use it at your carrier.



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