Verizon Raises Rates on a Bunch of Older Unlimited Plans

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Verizon is set to raise rates on a bundle of plans this week, all of which are on the older side and have not been offered for some time. No, this isn’t another rate increase on that old legacy unlimited plan – this is an increase on a bunch of other unlimited plans.

A support page posted by Verizon details the upcoming changes and all of the 9 plans that are affected. These 9 unlimited plans will see a price increase of $2/month per phone line as early as April 10, 2023. There are no other changes to note, just the increase in monthly cost should you continue on with one of these plans.

The full list of plans seeing that increase can be found below:

  • Go Unlimited 1.0
  • Go Unlimited Loyalty
  • Go Unlimited Welcome Back
  • Beyond Unlimited 1.0
  • The New Verizon Plan Unlimited $110
  • The New Verizon Plan Unlimited Smartphone $65
  • 55+ Unlimited Plan
  • 55+ Loyalty Unlimited Plan
  • Unlimited Business Plan

If you would like a tip on how to avoid the $2/mo increase, I don’t have any for you. Verizon’s advice to avoid the new price involves either switching to one of their current unlimited plans or choosing a prepaid plan. That’s it. There is no other way out of this increase if you want to keep your current plan that is listed above.

When this $2/mo increase shows up on your bill, Verizon states that you will see a “Plan Rate Adjustment” line in the one-time charges & credits section for the first month. After that, you’ll see the same Plan Rate Adjustment in the Plans section because you pay for your monthly service in advance.

Curious what a new plan might look like? The newest Verizon prepaid plans can be found here. For all of the newest postpaid Verizon unlimited plans, you’ll find them here.

Verizon first confirmed this increase a little over a month ago, but the time for those increases to kick in has arrived.



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