Verizon New “Welcome Unlimited” is Bare Bones and Starts at $65


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Verizon announced a new addition to its unlimited data plan line-up today called “Welcome Unlimited.” This particular plan isn’t packed with features, but is instead there to get you and your family on Verizon at their lowest unlimited price point.

Starting at $65/mo for a single line and dropping to $30 per line for 4 lines (with autopay), the Welcome Unlimited plan drops in just below the 5G Start plan, which costs $70/mo for a single line or $35 per line for 4. The $5 difference appears to be in the included 5GB of hotspot data on the 5G Start plan.

As I mentioned above, the Welcomed Unlimited is bare bones and doesn’t have the lengthy list of features you’ll find on some of the other Verizon unlimited plans. While it comes with the standard set of stuff, like unlimited talk and text, plan use in Mexico and Canada, and international texting, you won’t find all of the premium freebies from the others. The only major feature listed is the connection to Verizon’s 5G nationwide network. That’s it. And that doesn’t include connection to 5G Ultra Wideband, the fast version of 5G.

So the breakdown for Verizon’s 5G unlimited plan line-up looks like this:

  • 5G Get More: $90 single line: $55/line for 4
  • 5G Play More: $80 single line; $45/line for 4
  • 5G Do More: $80 single line; $45/line for 4
  • 5G Start: $70 single line; $35/line for 4
  • Welcome Unlimited: $65 single line; $30/line for 4

Most of those plans above Welcome Unlimited all contain extra goodies, like free subscriptions to the Disney bundle or Apple Arcade, as well as hotspot data and access to Verizon’s best 5G network. This new plan doesn’t have any of that.

To shop the new Welcome Unlimited plan, head over to Verizon’s plan page.



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