Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Line Hits End-of-Life for Update Support

Galaxy S10 Family

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We predicted a few weeks back that this moment was around the corner and here we are – the Samsung Galaxy S10 line is done receiving updates. After receiving regular updates for a full 4 years, the time has come for Samsung’s oldest supported Galaxy S series.

Samsung updated its security updates page over night to remove the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e. All three phones were released in February of 2019, which meant 3 years of monthly updates followed by a year of quarterly updates. Samsung switched each phone to the quarterly schedule a year ago to the day.

There still could be a final update headed to your S10 phone depending on where you live. We know that the US market saw updates at the end of March that very well might be it.

As we send off the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e, I’ll point out that there is a Galaxy S10 5G model that is still seeing updates at this time. It launched a bit later than the other models as one of the first with 5G support. It is already on the quarterly schedule, though, so don’t expect for it to see updates for much longer.

If you own a Galaxy S10 phone that is done with updates, it probably is time to consider upgrading. Not receiving regular updates means your phone has security holes that won’t be patched and bugs left unfixed.

The current best option, assuming you still love to Samsung phones, is the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23+. Samsung will give you around $240 if you trade in a Galaxy S10+, dropping the price of the regular S23 to $560. Not bad, right? Shop here.



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