Google Voice Gets Its Fancy Material You Design in Update

Google Voice Update

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Google Voice, the neglected calling, messaging, and voicemail app from Google, is getting a solid update this week that brings its design (almost) up to the level of many other modern apps. A Material You-like update started rolling out days ago and is hitting a wider audience today.

The Google Voice update shows on my device currently as build 2023.03.20.518941070. Once updated, the biggest change you’ll notice is that it will pull in colors from your wallpaper, just like so many of your other Google apps. That’s the Material You part of this all.

Google is also modernizing the shapes inside of Google Voice, with a rounder search bubble at the top of the app, a squircle new message button, and color tints to help recognize which tab is active in the bottom navigation bar. It most definitely looks improved over the old version of Google Voice.

Google didn’t quite touch it all, though. If you head into the dialer within the app, it still pulls up the old green phone icon, and no, it does not match the rest of the theme. Maybe the next update will grab that. The Google Voice icon could probably use an update too, but we’ve seen no indication that Google is working on that.

Speaking of features we need that Google doesn’t appear to be working on – can we get RCS at some point? Imagine Google Voice RCS. That’d be cool.

Google Voice Material You Design Update

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