Samsung Galaxy S10 Line Drops to Quarterly Update Schedule

Galaxy S10e Updates

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Samsung has now supported the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e with monthly updates for a full three years. As is typically the case at this moment in the life cycle of a Samsung phone, the schedule will now move to quarterly updates until the phone is no longer supported in about a year.

That happened today, with Samsung adjusting its mobile security updates page to show the Galaxy S10 line slipping from monthly updates down the quarterly group. It basically replaces the Galaxy S9 line in the quarterly updates schedule, since the S9 is now no longer receiving updates as of today as well.

For those still hanging onto a Galaxy S10 phone, you should still see regular updates every couple of months. Understand that they may be sporadic depending on your carrier or global location. Once a phone or tablet falls into the quarterly space, Samsung will only commit to updates that “are subject to change” and “will be reviewed on a periodic basis.”

If this angers you for some reason, it shouldn’t. The Galaxy S10 will see a full 4 years of updates, just like the Galaxy S9 and S8 and S7 did before it. Samsung has also now committed to updating phones for even longer should you buy a new one. The Galaxy S21 and S22 lines, for example, will get a full 5 years of security patches.



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