The Play is to Pre-Order a Pixel 7 Pro and Use $200 Credit for the Pixel Watch

Pixel 7 Pro - Pixel Watch Deal

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In the US, the best unlocked Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro deal you are likely to find is the one with a $200 credit to spend after purchase. I know that some other countries are handing out Pixel Watches for free like they aren’t the expensive accessories they are, but $200 is it or the US. With that in mind, your best play if you want Google’s new phone and their first watch, is probably to wait on the watch.

Both the Google Store and Best Buy are running a deal on the unlocked versions of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro that gets you credit to spend on other goods once your order has been fulfilled. A Pixel 7 purchase gets you $100 credit and a Pixel 7 Pro purchase gets you $200. Those credits arrive when your phone arrives, so that’s what I’m getting at when I say it’s probably best to wait to buy the new Pixel Watch.

The Pixel Watch is a $350 smartwatch, which is no tiny price for an accessory. If you wait, you can use that $100 or $200 credit on the Pixel Watch to soften that blow to your wallet some. $100 off drops a Pixel Watch to $250 and the $200 credit would bring it down to $150. Those are solid prices.

And if you order from Best Buy, you could take that credit and spend it the day your phone arrives and still get a Pixel Watch on that same day, assuming your local store has stock. Shipping dates for the Watch haven’t started slipping yet, so that situation could still hold up.

Of course, you can further reduce your costs by trading in a phone with your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. Best Buy says it’s trade-in prices top out at $400 (note: they actually appear to be going higher – $545 I just saw offered for a Pixel 6 Pro), but Google is giving decent rates on older Pixels. A Pixel 5 is fetching $400 right now. A Pixel 5a would get you $350 off. The Pixel 6, which is only a $599 phone, would get you $440 off.

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