Pixel Watch Gets 3 Years of Guaranteed Software Support

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Google has previously never had an issue with highlighting how long their devices will receive software support. It’s usually something that is highlighted during the official announcement. For the Pixel Watch, we couldn’t find any details for how long buyers can expect software support until we came across a new support document on Google’s website. To sum it up, it’s good news.

According to Google, Pixel Watch will receive a guaranteed 3 years of software support. That means you’ll be getting updates whenever they are available until October, 2025. Beyond that, nothing is guaranteed and security patches are grouped into this three years of support.

This differs from Pixel phones, which receive 3 years of OS upgrades and 5 years of security patch support.

So in case you wondered how long your Pixel Watch would be supported, there’s your answer. I hope you’re happy.

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