Fossil Gen 6 Adds Amazon Alexa as Assistant Choice

Fossil Gen 6

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The Fossil Gen 6 launched last year with a promise to offer choice in assistants, starting first with Google Assistant and later adding Amazon Alexa. Today, Fossil has announced that Amazon Alexa is now available to their latest smartwatch.

Fossil tells us that the Gen 6 officially has access to the Amazon Alexa for Smartwatches app and that this availability is exclusive to the Gen 6 watch. In fact, this is apparently the “first-ever Amazon-built Alexa app on Wear OS.”

With Alexa on your Fossil Gen 6, you’ll be able to do Alexa-related actions, although you’ll have to configure a way to access it. Fossil offers up choices of opening through the Alexa app or the Alexa Tile. You could also configure the top or bottom hardware buttons on the side of the watch to launch Alexa. Google Assistant will remain the shortcut when long-pressing the side home button. So if you want Alexa, you’ll need to have a phone paired and near, then find the app, keep a Tile handy, or customize a different button.

Fossil didn’t say how you’ll find this Amazon Alexa for Smartwatches app, only that it’s “preloaded and available.” Maybe the app just works now and was pushed live on the backend? Otherwise, we aren’t finding that specific app on Google Play just yet. There also doesn’t appear to be a software update related to this functionality. We’ll let you know if we can clarify this.

Here is Fossil’s description for what you might do with Alexa integration:

Both the Tile and the App will allow users to tap a button to talk to Alexa, with uniquely branded customization experiences for Fossil, Michael Kors, and Skagen smartwatch users. The options for use are limitless and entirely personal — whether you use your Alexa for your smart home devices, music control, grocery shopping, Amazon purchases, and more. Fossil Group looks forward to expanding the functionality of both the Tile and App.

Fossil Gen 6 owners, let us know how it’s going with Alexa in your smartwatch life.



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