Poll: Foldables, Do You Care About Them Yet?

Galaxy Z Fold 3

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Foldables were supposed to be the next big thing, the evolution of the smartphone or personal computer into a device that could do more while remaining portable. Samsung is very much leading the charge for them, Huawei dabbled in the idea for a couple of minutes, others created one-offs, and now there are rumors that Google has not one, but two, Pixel foldables on the way. We’re likely still early in the idea of foldables, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen enough to be able to form opinions on them.

As readers here know, I was a huge fan of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the first foldable from Samsung that felt as close to being finished as any. It was a device that struck me at the perfect time, where most of us were forced to hangout at home the majority of our days and spend far too much time on a couch. We dubbed the Fold 2 the “ultimate couch phone” because of the way it fit into our lives last year.

But now it’s 2021, I’m fresh off reviewing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and also from spending a couple of weeks with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and I don’t think foldables are for me. My tune has changed, for sure.

My problem with foldables is that they currently come in two sizes: big ass phone-to-tablet and mini-flip phone. Both have big enough flaws in their ideas that I can’t stick with either for a meaningful amount of time. The Z Fold 3, which falls into that phone-to-tablet category, is too big and heavy for those not wanting to spend the rest of life at home. The Z Flip 3, while portable and refined and cute has hell, constantly needs to be flipped open for use, and that’s just not that fun to do 50 times per day. Couple those usage issues with sky high prices, a need for camera improvements, and still some worry over durability, and yeah, they make for a tough sell.

That’s me, though! What this post is really about is you – have you decided to care about foldables yet? Have you already given up on the idea or are you waiting patiently to see where they lead to? Or are you really just waiting for that Pixel foldable?

Foldables, Do You Care About Them Yet?

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