Verizon Gives Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans an Upgrade to Unlimited Minutes


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The old Verizon grandfathered unlimited plan that you’ve hung onto for all these years is getting a big upgrade at no extra charge. A number of customers with active gUDP plans received a text message from Verizon this week, letting them know that they now have unlimited minutes to go with all of that data.

Verizon must be sick of tracking minutes on these older plans that folks are refusing to let go, and sent the following:

Good news! You now have unlimited voice minutes as part of your wireless plan. You can talk as much as you want without incurring minute overage charges. There will be no changes to your monthly plan price. Thanks for being a customer and enjoy having unlimited minutes!

A couple of our readers are on the old Nationwide 450 or 400 minute plans, where you really only had that many minutes to use in a billing cycle. It’s wild to think we used to pay by the minute and text message when you consider that unlimited talk and text have been around for more years than I can remember. I got back as far as 2012 and Verizon was pushing unlimited talk/text then, so these old unlimited plans with limited minutes are 10+ years old.

Don’t believe anyone is still on those old grandfathered unlimited data plans? Oh they are. We asked just a few months ago and there were a lot more than I expected.

Enjoy the unlimited minutes.

Cheers Michael, Ryan, and Matt!



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