Reserving a Galaxy Z Fold 3 for Free Makes Sense

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

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Once Samsung announces the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 on August 11, the reservation period will be over and the extra bonuses they are offering will be gone. If you have even the slightest bit of interest in buying Samsung’s next foldable devices, you should put your name on the list to register.

If you do reserve a Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is a free reservation system with zero commitment, you’ll get access to the “highest online instant trade-in values” when it comes time to buy. That just means that Samsung will give you more money than you’d typically get for the phone you will trade-in towards the new Fold. If it’s a newish Galaxy phone, that could mean $800+ off the Fold 3.

Oh, Samsung is also tossing in some sort of “$100 extra trade-in credit” too, which could mean an even bigger savings.

On top of the big trade-in discounts, you’ll get a free 12 months of Samsung Care+ by reserving, plus access to “an extra, special offer towards Galaxy products during pre-order.” I’d imagine that will mean free Galaxy Buds 2, cheap accessories, etc.

If you haven’t reserved with Samsung before, it’s pretty simple. You hit that link below and then give them your name and email. You can stop there if you want as that gets your name on the list. From there, they’ll ask if you have devices to trade-in towards their new devices. Doing that, according to Samsung, will “fast track” you pre-order at the time of purchase.

Once the phones have been announced and the pre-order system is opened, you’ll get an email to get started.



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