Today’s Your Last Chance to Utilize Verizon’s Free 5G Phone Upgrade


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For the past month and a half, Verizon has been running a campaign to get more and more people onto its 5G network and an Unlimited plan. To do this, it’s been handing out free phones left and right, though, they’re free in the sense that the carrier is providing you with monthly bill credits and you’ll need to be paying for one of the more expensive Unlimited data plans around. It’s not without its perks, though. Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about how instead of perks we should simply have cheaper bills, allow me to remind you that today is the last day to take advantage of this Verizon campaign.

If you’re a Verizon customer, it’s straightforward. If you’re not on a 5G phone yet, Verizon is offering you a trade-in for your old phone (even if it has a broken screen or sticky buttons) in the form of a new 5G phone, free of charge. All you’ll need to do is be on one of the carrier’s Unlimited plans and be fine with monthly bill credits that pay for your free phone.

If you aren’t already with Verizon, the carrier will pay for you to switch carriers and also allow you to trade in your existing non-5G phone for a new 5G smartphone, free of charge. All you’ll need is one of Verizon’s Unlimited plans after you’ve ported your old number and be ok with the same monthly bill credits. Clearly, there are more hoops to jump through for non-Verizon customers, but if you’ve been looking to make the switch, it’s a good time.

We went over all of the accompanying fine print in our previous writeup. I recommend you read it. It’s mostly fine, though, Verizon does limit your allotted bill credits, so don’t expect to get a free Galaxy Z Fold 2 or something when you trade-in. You’ll be getting a Galaxy S21 or something similar in price.

As for what’s replacing this campaign, Verizon will revert to its offer of $1,000 towards broken phone trade-ins. Not bad at all.



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