Verizon Offering New, Existing Customers Up to $1,000 for Broken Phone Trade-Ins


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Typically, broken phones aren’t worth much. However, starting April 1 and only lasting a very limited time, Verizon is offering folks up to $1,000 for their busted devices, whether you’re a new or existing customer, so long as that money go towards the purchase of a select 5G smartphone and you sign up for one of its Unlimited plans.

For specifics, the fine print states that folks can trade in a cracked or water damaged phone and get up to $1,000 off a 5G phone with a port-in and purchase of select Unlimited plans. Naturally, Verizon uses this time to highlight that its Unlimited plans come with free goodies, such as subscriptions to services like Disney+ and Hulu. Additionally, Play More and Get More Unlimited plan customers can get up to 12 months of Discovery+.

We won’t know exactly how much each broken phone is worth until the promotion goes live tomorrow. Once it is live, you’ll be able to see just how much Verizon is willing to offer you for your broken stuff.

Again, broken phone trade-ins usually bring a whole lot less money, but with a promotion like this, it’s something to possibly consider.

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