Who Has the Best Unlimited Plan: Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile?

Verizon vs ATT vs T-Mobile

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There has been a good amount of talk around here lately involving unlimited data plans from the top US carriers. I recently shared my move to one of Verizon’s newish unlimited plans, plus AT&T just announced a handful of important upgrades to its best unlimited option. T-Mobile may not be making any news in the plan department at the moment, but their Magenta Max is the plan AT&T just tried to match.

So because we’re back to talking about unlimited data plans from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, a fresh comparison chart seemed like a good idea. After all, 5G is supposedly “here” and carriers are trying to best position their plans for whenever 5G is more readily available across the country.

To do that, not only is everyone including 5G access at no cost for the top plans, each carrier has loaded up their plans with lots of freebies. Verizon, in its Get More Unlimited plan, has added subscriptions like a Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle, as well as Discovery+, Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, and Apple Music. AT&T, with Unlimited Elite, is tossing in HBO Max and Stadia Pro. T-Mobile, through Magenta Max, is still doing their Netflix bonuses along with free Gogo during flights and their T-Mobile Tuesdays program.

All of these plans are priced similarly, with AT&T and T-Mobile starting at $85/mo for a single line or $50/line for 4 lines. Verizon is $5/mo higher in each scenario, but I don’t think it matters that much when you look at their list of freebies. Verizon clearly offers the biggest list of free subscription services, with a total cost at around $40/mo. AT&T and T-Mobile still have good freebies, better streaming, and more hotspot data, though, at a cheaper price.

Comparing Verizon Get More Unlimited, AT&T Unlimited Elite, and T-Mobile Magenta Max

US Carrier Unlimited Plan Comparison

The chart above should help you easily compare if you are trying to decide which US carrier has the best unlimited data plan. I’m not sure there is a clear cut answer for everyone, because all of our needs are different. If you want to have your carrier pay for all of your streaming services, then Verizon probably comes out on top. However, your best 5G coverage is likely going to be T-Mobile pretty soon, plus AT&T gives you HBO Max, which is arguably the best damn streaming service there is.

Let us know which plan you would choose.

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