Here’s a Pixel 4 XL for $400

Pixel 4 XL

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The retail life of the Google Pixel 4 XL might have been shorter than usual, but if you own one or have the opportunity to, you can at least move forward knowing that it’ll see another couple of years of updates. You’ll also continue to have an excellent still camera, get new sets of features every few months, and use a weird facial unlock radar system that is likely a 1-off technology.

I tell you this because you can buy a Pixel 4 XL today for $399. That’s a $500 or so discount from where this phone originally retailed just over a year ago. That’s a good deal!

Outside of having average battery life, no fingerprint reader, and that large forehead, the Pixel 4 XL is arguably a better buy than the Pixel 5. It has a higher resolution display, more powerful processor, and isn’t coated in thick plastic spray-on paint. It’s quite handsome, actually.

The deal today on the Pixel 4 XL comes from a company called Unlocked Direct. Now, I know nothing about these guys, and to be honest, it looks a little off at first glance. However, they are running the deal with Google Fi, since you get a free month of Google Fi service by buying it, and Google Fi lists them as an official promo. It’s as if Google is aware of the company and trusts that this deal isn’t shady.

So if you’d like to test out a company called Unlocked Direct, they have the Pixel 4 XL in black available for $399.99 with an including free month of Google Fi. That’s a hell of a deal.



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