Samsung’s $700-Off Galaxy S21 Deal Hasn’t Ended Yet

Samsung Galaxy S21

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The Galaxy S21 has been available for a solid week now and yet Samsung has shown no interest in ending its best deal. For now, you can still get $700 off any of the Galaxy S21 phones (including the Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra) if you are cool with handing over your current phone.

We’ve already written about this deal a number of times, so I won’t dive into every single detail again. If you need the full explainer, hit up this story or this one. For those who know, here’s the short version recap!

Samsung will give you an instant discount up to $700 if you trade-in select phones, like any Galaxy S20 phone. If you don’t have the newest of the new phones, they’ll still give you up to $550 off today for a phone as old as the Galaxy S10e.

Samsung’s trade-in program is the best because they give you the value for your phone up front rather than as a rebate-style discount that is paid back to you later. If you have a phone to trade, they’ll give you that money off today. At $700, that’s a Galaxy S21 for $99.99, a Galaxy S21+ for $299.99, or a Galaxy S21 Ultra for $499.99.

On top of their best-in-the-business trade-in program, Samsung is still offering up-to $100 in instant credit to spend on accessories, as well as the free Samsung SmartTag ($29.99 value).



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