Galaxy S21 Pre-Orders are Done But You Can Still Get $700 Off, Extra Freebies

Samsung Galaxy S21

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We might have reached launch day for the Galaxy S21, S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra, but the deals are still flowing. Samsung, bless their hearts, will give you an instant $700 off if you have a decent phone to trade-in. On top of that, they are tossing in up to $100 in credits, plus a SmartTag too.

To get the best Galaxy S21 deal to date, it’s all about that trade-in. As we’ve explained numerous times now, Samsung’s trade-in program isn’t what you might be familiar with. Instead of giving you the value of your phone down the road in the form of a gift card or refund to your credit card, weeks after you paid for your new phone, they give you the value today as an instant discount. It’s pretty incredible.

As a part of the Galaxy S21 launch, Samsung has served up bloated values for phones they’ll accept as a part of the trade. If you have a Galaxy S20 or Note 20, you’ll get $700 off. Same goes for any of the new iPhone 12 models. Don’t have those because they are extremely new? That’s OK! Samsung will give you $550 off if you have a phone as old as the Galaxy S10e or iPhone XS Max.

So again, if you trade-in one of those phones, Samsung will shave off that money today. At $700 off, that’s a Galaxy S21 today for $99, Galaxy S21+ for $299, or a Galaxy S21 Ultra for $499. At $550 off, well, I’ll let you do that math.

As for those bonuses and freebies, if you buy a Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung will give you $100 in credits to spend on accessories, like the new Galaxy Buds Pro. S21+ and S21 purchases get $75 and $50, respectively. In addition to the credits, all orders still get the brand new Samsung SmartTag too ($30 value).

Alright, time to shop.



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