COVID-19 Appears to Have Killed Any Hope for Galaxy Note Phones in 2021

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According to sources of Reuters, it’s looking more likely that Samsung won’t be releasing new Galaxy Note phones in 2021, with the COVID-19 pandemic dissuading people from making high-end smartphone purchases.

While this makes a ton of sense, it still totally sucks.

In the report, which only renews the same rumor that’s been spreading since this past August, it’s said that Samsung is taking the effort it would normally put into its Note line, and instead, putting that into 2021’s foldable phone. After all, it’s been reported that the next Galaxy Fold will support an S Pen, and on top of that, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is also reported to support a stylus. So while the Note line may disappear for a bit or maybe forever, the S Pen and its fanbase will have a line of phones to call home.

Damn you, COVID-19!

// Reuters



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